Apr 18, 2010

Triage, 2009

Triage, 2009
Director:Danis Tanović
Cast:Colin Farrell, Jamie Sivez, Branko Đurić

Triage in short: The wife of a photojournalist sets out to discover why he came home from a recent assignment without his colleague.

Stage: Home theatre

Preps: I do have a thing about psychological effect of wars. If I say in few other blog posts I don't like war movies, by that I mean I don't like to watch 1,5 hours of someone cleaning his rifle, or just wandering around clueless, and also the scenes of constant battle. However, I do admire the pieces, put together on the effect that war has on people. Either locals or the armed men that fight /or in this case, take photos. I am aware that this is one of the coolest things right now, happening at the cinema. I do take the chance and watch it at home.

Reality: This is one of better movies I have seen lately on this topic. I am relieved that the scenery is in Kurdistan, I was sure that Branko Đurić will make another thing in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I am sure we have seen so many crimes there and so much pain that we are somehow spiritually distant from this, maybe because we don't want to see so much pain in the neighbourhood with the fact that we cannot do anything about it (or couldn't in that time).

Nevertheless, the scenes from Kurdistan will rock your boat. Pure, uncensored pain driving through the veins, and all this time I am wondering, whether it's possible you have a war zone and right in the middle, two reporters, just taking photos (and not getting killed for that matter!!). Well, we've seen this in many hollywood attempts, but in my opinion, they stay only in the battlefield. The difference that this one makes compared to others, is in trauma that Mark brings home when he returns, without his friend. Slowly, the psychological personal drama reveals and hurts not only his soul consciously, but also all that he loves around him. The way he copes with this is simply breathtaking, Farrel is brilliant in his role, and on the other hand, everything is not put into viewer's lap at first. What happened to his friend.. well, we find out in the last lap of the movie. And it's the reality this reporter has to face to the rest of his life.

There are several important things the psychiatrist/his wife's grandfather Morales reveals to Mark, I remembered the speech he gave him on the dead and what happens to them:.

Why are you so concerned about what happens to the dead?

Mark reveals some of the "adventures" or shall I call them scenes, he had with his friend on the field, or alone, and they are so cruel and vivid it will rock your peaceful boat very hard. The scene with the skeletons, or the one where a young boy is shot before his eyes.. The scene with his friend David is left almost by the end of the movie, as it is the toughest. Just imagining that one could be going through all that is.. somehow not acceptable and really hard. What must be like to really live this.. I can just imagine.

My personal rate: 8,0 (a truly good piece on the trauma you bring sometimes with you and the way you can or cannot deal with it)

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