Apr 3, 2010

Quantum of Solace, 2008

Quantum of Solace, 2008 - the last James Bond
Director: Marc Forster
Cast: Daniel Craig, Olga Kurylenko, Judi Dench

Stage: Home theatre

Short synopsis: Seeking revenge for the death of his love, secret agent James Bond sets out to stop an environmentalist from taking control of a country's valuable resource.

Preps: Uff, I am definitely not a fan of James Bond. I didn't want to see it in the movies, as I don't like this saga about a man who can turn the world around with a box of matches. So it's been waiting for me for ages in my box to come to its turn. I don't expect to be impressed.

Reality: I am right for once again. If you don't like Bond, if you don't get impressed with his McGyver scenes and Martini shortcuts (not shown this time, the shaken, not stirred thing), then you won't be impressed either.

The movie is filled with action scenes, fast racing, killing after someone slapping Bond for ages and after a few disastrous falls that are a few meters high at least (still surviving), sort of a Bruce Willis, but in the clothes. With bruises and with last breath, Bond saves the world again. The woman looks good, but that's also nothing new. However, there isn't a bomb to be found and rescuing the world from exploding, up to the half of the movie I don't really know what he's chasing. Is someone trying to kill M? Well, he succeeds to kill all the bad guys, sleep with all the women, go to all the parties and still get a drink at the end. Very predictable, but if you are a fan of James, you will love this nevertheless :)

My personal rating: 5,0 (just for the sake of Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan and line of guys, trying to kill all the world of the bad guys in previous parts. In this one, you will love this man's beautiful blue eyes. For me, the only trigger to stick to the end. )

Bond on IMDB
Official site - see the domain, truly interesting!

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