Apr 11, 2010

Shutter Island, 2010

Shutter Island, 2010
Director: Martin Scorsese
Cast: Leonardo di Caprio, Mark Ruffalo, Ben Kingsley

Scene: local cinema/Colloseum

Genre: Thriller/Mystery/Drama/Psychological Sci-Fi

Short synopsis: Drama is set in 1954, U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels is investigating the disappearance of a murderess who escaped from a hospital for the criminally insane and is presumed to be hiding on the remote Shutter Island

Preps: One of the hotties right now at the movies. Some of the people I do give a damn about their opinion thought it was good. Well, I got the chance to see it in the movies, so here it goes.

Reality: I am somehow impressed by its half and dissappointed by the second half. The beginning is good, but as predicted, I saw it on the powerful trailer. Two cops investigating a murder on an island, full of mad people in a funky institution. With hystorical tools, as the scenery is from 1954. Classic story, which I like to follow, because I adore cop investigations in a movie and psychological moment gives me a drive. Also, the flow goes on smoothly (with the story)

Right in the middle, I am puzzled, the movie loses me. The halucinnations that Teddy has, are just too much. Ok, he has them, but do they have to be one third of the movie? I start to feel a bored itch in my shoulder. Such a shame because of the good beginning. I never got to see how the hell the lady went out of her room :)

The turnover 15 minutes before the end is amazing. I kept wondering whether all of this was in Caprio's head or not. What really happened and how it happened, was it all a governmental trap or something. Anyhow, in the last round the movie offers a new dimension, for which my personal rating just exploded from prior maybe low 4,0 to a solid 8,0. Absolutely great. I just love unexpected turnovers, especially that all you have seen so far was a fragment of your imagination and Di Caprio just fits into these roles. I subconsciously think of The Beach, where he also diluded into one of his fantasies, at that point due to pot, this time due to.. I wonder what. And this is what made this movie again a good one and worth seeing again.

By the way, you will hate the institution. You wouldn't even want your mother-in-law (in case you hate her) there, yet alone think about being treated there. Spooky indeed.

My personal rating: 8,0 (the twist made me change my mind and I believe I should see it again, as I believe it might be worth it. Will skip the middle, I think, or fast forward it for a bit)

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