Apr 3, 2010

Runaway jury, 2003

Runaway jury, 2003
Director: Gary Fleder
Cast: Dustin Hoffmann, John Cusack, Gene Hackman, Rachel Weisz

Stage: Home selection on TV (indeed surprising, sometimes they can pick)

Just being home at the right time. Somewhere deep I remembered I loved the movie. The cast is amazing, all the icons I admire, and the woman that grew to my heart in these years that I have watched her. And the case with the jury. Something I wanted to be when being very young. So promising I wanted to watch it again and make some comments.

Reality: Even better than I expected. This time the theme sucks me in, the involvement of a crime in a place where no crime is expected or tolerated, in a sense that noone picks it up until the end of the movie. Cusack is simply brilliant, in the way he puts the minds and develops everyone in the jury with the flow of the movie (or shall I put, the development of the case). The case isn't important, politics is, this is the truth until the last five minutes, when a sudden turnaround happens to the surprise of the viewer.

In my opinion, a piece worth seeing, if not for a superb critic of the american justice system, then for a thorough insight on how you can guide someone's mind or opinion, how you can persuade a bunch of people to take you for what you want them to take, to think how you want them to think and in the end, decide on what you have decided when you first set eyes on them. The justice-representative, attorney, fights a glorious battle, that couldn't be won, except if there wasn't some philosophy and deep revenge down below in the base of the case. For which you don't know, only assume that something is happening and is revealed in the last minute of the movie.

Highly recommended.

My personal rating: 7,5 (a remarkable piece on usually boring attorney/prosecutor cases or movies describing something going on in the court. Can compare it to Erin Brokovich, except this one is mainly happening in the court).

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