Nov 8, 2010

Gremo mi po svoje, 2010

Gremo mi po svoje, 2010
Director: Miha Hočevar
Cast: Jurij Zrnec, Luka Cimprič, Tadej Koren Šmid, Jure Kreft, Uroš Kaurin

Gremo mi po svoje in short: Aleks is camping with his friends at river Soča. The guardian of camp (Jurij Zrnec) takes camping and raising the children a bit too seriously, therefore produces a lot of comical hapenning. The boys are a bit too interested in the next-door girl camp, instead of putting their minds into camping and survival in the nature. Many entertaining and emotional scenes in the middle of Triglav national camp with its beautiful scenery make a spectrum of pure child soul actions, love, humour, every day activities with an optimistical view of life.

Stage: Local theatre Colloseum - the event brought together scouts from all over Slovenia

Preps: All the slovenian scouts are familiar with this movie and are a sure audience. Furthermore, Jurij Zrnec is a good reason to go to the movies and see this. I expect nothing less than a superb movie, although the critics are pretty rough. And Luka Cimprič, brother of my good friend is acting in this - a must see then.

Reality: The movie has truly a remarkable scenery. I am drowning in the desire to recognize places I used to camp at. And I am also interested in the story. To be quite honest, this is not a true version of everyday camping life. When you are camping, there are ongoing activities. To an objective spectator it might seem that scouts really don't do anything during the day.

I have been a scout for many years and deeply involved with the leading, organizing, having a small group of children, so I can relate to all of the happening immediately. I lack probability in the things the youngsters are doing in the movie. Nevertheless, all the comical scenes and sit-com - it is really genuine and I admire Zrnec even more after seeing this. The scenario is a bit stiff and the children that are playing in the movie are not really accepting it, this can be seen. Also, the probability of having camping with boys alone is not really true (not in Slovenia, anyway). The good part of the movie is definitely the scenery, the idea of a "tiran" instead of a leader and seeking uniqueness/independence from child's perspective, versatile show-of of the main event in a camp - hiking.

I think the movie fulfills expectations in a lot of possible ways. I would easily skip the dreaming part (where all sorts of impossible things occur). Also, some of the side stories aren't driven to their end (does the grandfather die or not.. ). Nevertheless, I can show a deep appreciation for this piece, as it is relaxing, humorous and filled with optimism. Nothing I could say for the movies done in Slovenia lately. Therefore, a big applause. It is truly hard to make a good humorous piece.

My personal rating: 8,0 (it is a beautiful input in this genre, furthermore, if you were once a scout, a realistic point you can identify with. A strong recommendation)

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