Nov 7, 2010

Panique au Village, 2009

Panique au Village, 2009
Director: Stephane Aubier, Vincent Patar
Cast: Jeanne Balibar, Stephane Aubier

Stage: home theatre

Panique in short: Animated plastic toys like Cowboy, Indian and Horse have problems, too. Cowboy and Indian's plan to surprise Horse with a homemade birthday gift backfires when they destroy his house instead. Surreal adventures take over as the trio travel to the center of the earth, trek across frozen tundra and discover a parallel underwater universe where pointy-headed (and dishonest!) creatures live. With panic a permanent feature of life in this papier mâché town, will Horse and his girlfriend ever be alone?

Preps: none in perticular, just a few hints that this is a good movie and worth seeing

Reality: As I am a huge fan of animated movies, especially in old techniques, the expectation for this movie was set really high. Unfortunately, it failed me in every possible aspect. The voices are really dreadful. The flow.. well, the story has some pointers and some comical scenes. Ordering 5 mio bricks instead of 50 leads to really ironical and funny scenes. Nevertheless, I don't like the animation at all, although ancient, it just doesn't fit - in my honest opinion, this puzzle remains unsolved. I don't even try the second attempt of the movie.
I am fully aware that it has gained several important awards. And that it represents a muse to some people. But to me, it simply failed its job - conquering my adventurous mind or soul in any aspect possible. I definitely don't recommend it and don't wish to see it again. I was supposed to see it under the stars (the theatre in August) in Ljubljana, but something came up so I didn't. Now after seeing this at home, I am actually happy that I didn't. It dissappointed me in the same way as Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp.

My personal rate: 2,0 (I really tried!.. nevertheless, I erased this after one hour. No sense seen in this..)

The IMDB's site on Panique

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