Nov 15, 2010

Cold Weather, 2010

Cold Weather, 2010
Director: Aaron Katz
Cast: Cris Lankenau, Trieste Kelly Dunn, Raul Castillo

Cold weather in short: A guy who moves back to Portland, Oregon becomes involved in the mystery of his ex-girlfriend's disappearance.

Stage: Life - Cankarjev dom, official stage of the movie festival

I only see/am aware according to the schedule of Life it should be a criminal / detective movie. No recommendation whatsoever, I have a strong feeling it won't be one of the best movies (some feeling in my guts). But, my friend chose this one and since she's coming from a town a bit distant, I submerge to her gut feeling and accept to see it.

Reality: One of the worse detective movies ever - I mean in my opinion it is by far one of the worst movies this year and don't think I could stand seeing this for another time. Unfortunately my friend drove and she seemed to enjoy it, so I didn't want to be a burden and vaporize out of the theatre, but it was constantly in my mind.
The story that we followed, was underestimating the viewer in all levels possible. If the director wanted to show a complex twist or a good investigation, he failed badly. If he wanted to emphasize the relationship with the ex girlfriend or difficulties when meeting her, or on the opposite - the relationship between a brother and a sister, he failed too. It was as if he couldn't decide which path to follow and in the middle of deciding just wanted to emphasize some photography he thought it was worth observing. An impossible, static movie, with a lot of time inbetween, where the viewer should think about the movie and not where the next brewery on the way home is. A strong NO for all of you that think of seeing this. No energy, low level story, horrible dialogue, a No No, if you want.

My personal rating: 1,0 (I swear if I had my own car, I would drive home immediately after the first ten or 20 minutes. Do not recommend it and don't know what the director was thinking.. )

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