Nov 12, 2010

Več nas bo, prej bomo na cilju - The more of us there are, the faster we will reach, 2010

Več nas bo, prej bomo na cilju - The more of us there are, the faster we will reach, 2010
Director: Janša & Janša & Janša
Cast: Janez Janša, Janez Janša, Janez Janša, Dražen Dragojevič

Stage: Theatre Cankarjev dom, Movie festival Life

I know about the controversial trio Janša and I am curious what kind of performance this is or documentary. As I am not sure, where one would get such an awkward idea of renaming himself into one of the most notorious politicians in Slovenia, I really wonder what this is all about.

Reality: The movie is a performance. A live actor (two of them, actually) split various scenes from the movie and interact with the picture. So you have this live/filmed image that pushes your brain to think about things you normally don't. What is a name? Who does it define? Are you a greater/poorer/different person if you change your name? Why would someone change his/her name, still remains a mystery to me. Nevertheless, the unique idea of evolving three people with the same name - of a famous polititian is picturesque and brings irony in the brains when I see it.
There are several statements from more or less "famous people" in Slovenia - or media exposed - on the topic of changing name, precisely changing it into Janez Janša and they bring joy to the audience in the theatre. Salvations of laughter and somehow also admiration. Curiosity and non-understanding also find their way into this. By the end of the show we are all fully aware, that they don't want to reveal really why the change.
Furthermore, the main political party of the right side in Slovenia - SDS proves itself to be rigid and immature in their responses. And the action of the trio is praised in some circles and deeply judged in others. In my opinion, the main idea of this is making people think about this and no other profound message.
Is Janez Janša really the same Janez, if there are four of them? Do they exclude or complement each other? How about the families the people, that used to be someone else than Janez, left behind? The name is really something that distincts one person from another. So that you know who are you talking about. But it says nothing about who that person is for real.

My personal rating: 8,0 (brilliant philosophy and a lot to think about. Performance, not only a movie. A strong way to interact with screen activity)

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