Nov 21, 2010

Saw 3D - The final chapter, 2010

Saw 3D - The final chapter, 2010
Director: Kevin Greutert
Cast: Tobin Bell, Costas Mandylor, Betsy Russel

Stage: 3D movie theatre (with special glasses :)

Saw 3D in short: As a deadly battle rages over Jigsaw's brutal legacy, a group of Jigsaw survivors gathers to seek the support of self-help guru and fellow survivor Bobby Dagen, a man whose own dark secrets unleash a new wave of terror.

Preps: Hm, seeing all the Saw's so far and liking the biblical sense of the movie saga (the redemption), I am anxious to see this sequel as I expect even more. Not that I am a huge fan of the saga, in fact I thought first part to be innovative and brilliant, but can't say this for those that followed. Maybe some movies weren't meant to have sequels at all.

Reality: Well, I think I made an excellent point when I claimed some movies weren't meant to be made in sequels. The first six Saw's exceeded in the amount of blood spilled during the movie and hard psychological jigsaw puzzles, endless row of tuff choices and endless amount of violence that people did one to another. This one is an upgrade only in terms of blood and hurt the people get. But it lacks brains in the script. There aren't many things here to think about, the trauma, caused to individuals, here ends in death and not in making the hardest decision of your life to hurt yourself in a way to redempt yourself from your sins. On the contrary, only a few individuals are put in front and the main protagonist is punished due to his lies, but makes everyone around him suffer. The severity of the "crimes" the people around him commited, seems to be overestimated and doesn't get enough of my attention. Overall, a strange puzzle when trying to get from one point of the movie to another. One thing is certain, this movie still will have sequels, because it was done in the way that allows sequels. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of supremacy in just putting more and more blood in the movie. People are genuinly used to watch suffer or blood, so no more sweat and tears here for the public. The director could really get some ideas when watching something more asian, like "The ring", for instance. No blood. Just imagination, that can make wonders and the only thing that can really make a horror movie.
Saw is a mixture of some decent jigsaws, but on the other hand lacks content in terms of cause - where did those people come from? And how come the main character is always invincible. Or gets outsmarted in a way noone buys.

A decent rate for this is that you shouldn't expect nothing more than a sequel that shows a bit of imagination in field of puzzles, but lacks in cast, script, scenery, belief that it might give extra value to the viewer. Unfortunately, not really well spent two hours. However, it was 3D, applause for this, because new technique adds something more. I truly believe the director thought it was enough just to add 3D and a few puzzles. Commercial, it will be a success. But in terms of making a good movie.. a failure.

My personal rate: 4,0 (even though I don't ever want to see it again or don't feel like seeing this again, I still think you might pull something useful to think about. After all, it was thinking of redemption that made me watch this. However, a huge empty hole remains in the movie, as the content remains shallow and vague. But a plus to see the 3D technique afterall, and in a "normal" movie)

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