Nov 19, 2010

Na sončni strani ceste / On the sunny side of the road, 1959

Na sončni strani ceste / On the sunny side of the road, 1959
Director: Matjaž Klopčič
Cast: silent movie. Music: Jure Robežnik

Stage: Theatre Kinoteka, official stage of Life, movie festival

Na sončni strani ceste in short: A short silent movie about a man that cuts profiles of people passing by as silhouettes for money.

Preps: I don't know a lot about the movie as I enter the stage. The only slovene director this year on Life makes me proud and makes me see this piece. No expectations as I don't even read the plot before seeing this.

Ljubljana in short - as the director saw it in 1959. It is the first movie he ever made (Klopčič) and it is only 17 minutes long. Still, it gives an emotional insight into what Ljubljana looked like in that time. The market, the people collecting vegetables and fruit in endless gardens near centre, then going to the market to sell it. The amazing image of an elder man, making his money like today artists still do, at that point, cutting silhouettes of by-passers with scissors, creating interest from a large crowd and waiting for the next customers. Traffic where today isn't anymore, tram as a means of transport. Different fashion, different time. Your mind dwells away and makes sure you really get emotional, especially if you are a citizen of this town, like I am and are looking for familiar spots all the time. A beautiful insight that definitely caught my eye and heart. Worth seeing and thinking about the time that passed away.

My personal rating: 8,0 (although short, a superb insight - genuine and sincere).

Life official site on the movie

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