Dec 18, 2011

The Sunset Limited, 2011

The Sunset Limited, 2011
Director: Tommy Lee Jones
Cast: Samuel L Jackson, Tommy Lee Jones

Stage: Home Theatre

The Sunset Limited in short: Two men in an apartment with their opposing beliefs.

Preps: Another one dusty in my closet, waiting for my attention

For a fact, it is really hard to keep the attention of the viewer if you are locked on one static place and you need to keep the main cast there. We have seen it in The Phone booth, a pure example of what efforts it takes to make this kind of movie work.
Now, this piece has been designed only for TV's. I wonder why. Shy to get on the big screen? TV span of attention of viewers is even lower. We can use every escape possible to get to the fridge. So I guess in my logic it is even harder to make me watch.
But I confess. I have watched it from the beginning to the very last second. The dialogues are extremely good. The words spoken are on a higher level than average. You need to really understand english to be able to really follow. And you can even learn as you go along. How many movies do you know that do that? I know only a few. This is definitely one of them.
I admit, I didn't have a f. idea what the movie was about in the first 15 minutes. I was thinking that maybe the movie isn't trying to reach me or something. Or I wasn't trying hard enough. No, the truth is the opposite. You learn as you go along the movie. The obvious, the saving of a guy, trying to kill himself, becomes something far distant in the past. The only thing you need to know is - have you ever thought about your virtues, your beliefs, your arguments for it? Well.. if you have or haven't, you are in for a treat. As if I would be watching our elections and two complete opposites were trying to pursuade me about their beliefs.

You will think about way you look at the world for your own soul. What is it that you are trying to seek and what is it that you want to be left behind you. Does hell exist, does heaven? Who would you like to meet after you go and is it true that you would really want to meet someone, once you think about it?

Lots of good questions. Lots of philosophy. This movie doesn't have anything more, but the script is powerful and it doesn't need anything else. The two main protagonists act as if their lives would depend on it. I love it, the piece, the energy, the actors. I need to watch it again. Definitely!

My personal rate: 7,0 (truly extreme beliefs and beautiful dialogues, filled with right arguments and right placements of high rank words)

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