Dec 29, 2011

JFK, 1991

JFK, 1991
Director: Oliver Stone
Cast: Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman, Jack Lemmon

Stage: home TV selection

JFK in short:
Details the actions of New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, who takes it upon himself to investigate the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas, in 1963. Garrison is extremely suspicious of the official story presented by the FBI, and what he already knows and what he subsequently learns lead him to suspect that there is more to the story than the public is being told.

Reality: The government for the people, by the people and of the people :) Is it really? Kevin Coster is a mega star in one of the best achievements to put in a light on the Kennedy's death and assasination. The state prosecutor follows numerous hints on what happened on that day and who is responsible for this, almost losing his job while doing it. I believe that this is one of Stone's triumph movies and the same goes for Costner - one of his best achievements in his career.

I am a fan of historical movies, as long as they depict some kind of reality. In this case, this is Stone's reality. Noone really knows what happened that day and who was really to be taken in front of the court. I doubt this is the movies' intention. I believe that the main idea here lies in the simple fact that we try to see who it is we vote for and who is the responsible person after the dawn. In this case, this was a dawn for american citizen, doubled because both brothers were killed. And there were many aspects to this case, as well as many people that really wanted to know who to blame and put him in front of the jury. However, as said, this is one of realities shown in JFK, however I believe it to be the most energic one, subtitled by true footage and films, made by passengers that day. So in this sense it serves historical facts and things known by public. I doubt it reveals something we didn't have access to, but for many people the facts shown here will be intriguing and difficult to face with.
The cast is brilliant, Costner definitely leaves his mark, as well as Gary Oldman. The scenes carefully chosen, the "honesty" shown so deeply it hurts your eyes sometimes. The side story about leaving everything you care to show your duties to your country.. well, in some sense, you get the idea of how it is to be married to a prosecutor. When he has his focus, he definitely has the focus on. And leaves everything behind, even if it turns on fire.

The piece is watchable and good one, even beyond that. If fan of history or if you are wondering about the happening around JFK's death, this is the place to be. Or to watch, to be exact.

My personal rate: 7,0 (a good, solid piece. A must watching for movie fans. )


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