Dec 25, 2011

The Debt, 2007

The Debt, 2007
Director: Assaf Bernstein
Cast: Gila Almagor, Yurij Chepurnov, Oleg Drach

The Debt in short:
The year is 1965. Rachel Brener is one of 3 young Mossad agents teem who caught "The Surgeon of Treblinca" - a Nazi monster who was never brought to trial in Israel. The official reason was that he has committed suicide as a prisoner while being held by his Israeli captive (kiddenappers) in a safe house somewhere in Europe. Today, 35 years after the well communicated suicide story of the monster, a small article appears in a local unimportant paper in a small town in central Europe. Surprisingly the Surgeon is alive and is willing to admit his crimes against the human race and especially the Jews. The 3 older x Mossad agents who are in their late 60th became aware to this unfortunate threatening knowledge. The fact was that the "Surgeon" managed to escape from his guards- our 3 agents by wounding the woman who was not alert enough. Now that the old story came up to live again in a completely different version..

Preps: One in the oven, waiting for my attention. Why not on Christmas eve?

Hm. Tuff subject for xmas eve, definitely. The plot is simple and repeating, in sense we have seen this on several occasions. I actually like movies about hunting down war criminals, exposing their crimes and having them punished. This plot is similar to thousands. The crimes commited in a "lager" - between the war, to children, women, men - especially doctors played an important role in this - well, the hunt for doctor begins on two separate time zones. One back in 1965, one in present time. This shows also the fine structuring of the problem and the movie as we grow into the story. Present time, where we have old people remorsing the lie they made ages ago. And past time, where we have after war theme, after war feelings and the urge to chase down people that hurt people the punishers knew or were related to. In this sense, a mother, the complete family. The squad, being sent to chase down the criminal, isn't really convincing. I am not sure about the actual karma in 1965, however I suspect it wasn't as harsh as in actual war. The depicted actions show the same stigma as in the war itself. Was it really as hard to be normal and to act normal two decades later? When thinking, the squad was really young when the crimes were commited, so they cannot really remember a lot, but are acting upon stories.

Nevertheless, the movie does somehow find my deeper passion for these kinds of movies, but isn't one of the better ones I have seen on the topic. It is decent enough that I try to watch it by its end, especially because I am wondering what the real story was. However, I think it could be more shocking. What is shocking about some people killing a murderer because he killed so many people? I just don't see the drama and the true value of their hiding. The whole world was chasing criminals at that stage. Why would this be such a secret - I am not saying this in terms of taking justice in your own hands. This obviously is against the law and I am sure that it was the same case back then. But it was 2 decades after the war and I don't see the real logic. Therefore I judge this movie not to be very convincing. They weren't like Anne Frank, that needed the hidden place not to be executed.

Anyhow, for me to believe the facts shown in the movie, I could use some movie background that this piece isn't showing. I know from historical point, that the time was wacky and all people were tense, so I can believe it from common sense and common educational point of view. However, how about making some of this points in the movie? General audience doesn't have a historical (deep) background. And these sorts of movies are supposed to teach us and make sure these actions don't happen again. This perticular piece isn't convincing at all. And no real energy between the actors.

My personal rate: 5,0 (well the topic is definitely intriguing. However the delivery fails on more than one step. Still, if you are a fan of post naci hunting movies, you might enjoy even this one)

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