Dec 31, 2011

The Last Song, 2010

The Last Song, 2010
Director: Julie Ann Robinson
Cast: Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth, Gregg Kinear

Stage: Home theatre

The Last Song in short:Ronnie's (Miley Cyrus) and her younger brother, Jonah's, parents are divorced. They live with their mother until this summer they are sent to live with their father (Greg Kinnear) in a small town on the beach. Ronnie resents her father and has no intention of being friendly or even talking to him for the summer. But after meeting a handsome guy and beginning to fall in love, Ronnie starts rediscovering her love for music, something she shares with her father. Reconnecting with music revives a kinship with her father which proves to be the most important relationship she may ever experience.

Preps: Wow, the honour of being the last in the row for 2011 - hehe, I don't know anything about it, but I saw the trailer and it took my curiosity not by chance :)

Reality: To give up your dreams or activity you always wanted to do or at least claimed to, because of the divorce of your parents, can happen only in rebellious world of teenagers. Miley Cyrus is the rebel and the two parents cannot help it. The storyline is cute and revolves around spending summer with your daddy (which you hate because he divorced your mom). Simple truth and simple deed that ruined a perfect childhood these two kids had. Now, the younger brother didn't know at that point what went on because he was too little. The older teen girl knows exactly and hates the guts out of her father. Unfortunately she's stuck for the summer.
The drift away from this plot comes in shape of William, cute guy from the neighbourhood, whose parents are filthy rich and all the girls want to get in his pants. All except Miley. Somehow in terms of Hollywood romantic comedy, obviously she gets the access and wins his heart. Vice versa, of course. We know what a perfect summer should feel like.
Some side stories, with turtles and watching their back because racoons are about to eat them, makes this piece really cute and watchable. No extras and no special effects, just getting over the spoilt parent relationship with the superturn at the discovery that dad has cancer and he's about to die. Which makes dad and daughter best friends again and brings back life to Miley Cyrus. Starts to make music again, separates herself from all she loves just to be with him in the last days. Cute, watchable, good plot and feelings. Well acted and well directed. More than average, less than perfect. A good choice for the last movie of the season.

My personal rate: 6,0 (I actually liked the romance, depicted, and the purpose, for which we all seek something to grow up and old with. The devastating relationship break between two people and the influence on the children)

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