Dec 27, 2011

Just My Luck, 2006

Just my luck, 2006
Director: Donald Petrie
Cast: Lindsey Lohan, Chris Pine

Just my luck in short:

In Manhattan, Ashley Albright is a lucky woman and very successful in the agency where she works. The clumsy Jake Hardin is an unlucky aspirant manager of the rock band McFly, who is unsuccessfully trying to contact the entrepreneur Damon Phillips to promote his band. When Ashley meets Jake in a masquerade party, they kiss each other, swapping her fortune with his bad luck.

Stage: home TV selection, late night.

Preps: Hm, just saw it on the TV and I am curious. It has a good beginning plot. Maybe I can cope with it despite Lindsay Lohan, which I am not a huge fan of.

: Hm, another dissappointment. I can't believe how many movies that even don't reach minimum to be able to digest I am watching lately. And I don't suppose it's higher standards I am seeking for. I just think I am out of luck, as this movie implies.
You cannot go through a world like Lindsay in this piece and for sure you cannot go like Chris Pine does. It's simply unbelievable and I cannot cope with this virtual reality, for it's nothing else I see in this piece. I could imagine this to be a book or imaginary world. There's absolutely nothing good or positive I can claim about this piece, as it seems immature, disrespectful to the audience (or its intelligence) and not funny at all. This comes into romantic comedies genre, yet it's quite the opposite. The jokes aren't funny, but plane stupid. The main cast is built in a way you cannot even pretend to fall into the imaginary world they are depicting. Where in the world did the director get Lindsay's boss in the movie? A tweet, what it is, as Monty Phython would say. No way you get such a job and no way so many stupid icons are working with you.
Argh. Again, I don't like the piece even up to a level I could watch it until its end. I claim it is not worth of your time and efforts. The music sucks, the actors also. The scenes are unimaginary and not witty at all. The love that the two main actors seem to develop in the process, seems lame and not real. There is absolutely no energy in this movie. And there isn't a word more that needs to be said.

My personal rate:0 (bljah! Another one bites the dust)

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