Dec 3, 2011

Life as we know it, 2010

Life as we know it, 2010
Director: Greg Berlanti
Cast: Katherine Heigl,Josh Duhamel, Josh Lucas

Stage: home theatre

Life as we know it in short: Holly and Eric were set up on a blind date by their friends, Peter and Allison who are married. After Peter and Allison are killed in an accident, they learn that they have been named as the guardians to Peter and Allison's daughter, Sophie. So they move into their house and try their best to honor their friends' wishes. But raising a child puts a crimp on their style and they don't exactly get along.

Preps: None in perticular. Not aware of anything, haven't seen it at the movies and do not know who is the actor. So I am in for a surprise.

Reality: Wow, a surprise indeed. A cute start, having a perfect family with usual affairs and troubles. It gets complicated as the parents get killed in an accident. And the trivial question - who will take care of the child, gets solved in the most unusual way. I would never expect of any parents to live the child to their best friends for the simple reason, that they cannot stand each other.
Now the funny element in the piece derives from living under the same roof with the person you are obliged to just because your friends requested this as their last wish. So you want to respect that and get over it.
The problem here is not only social (the taking care of the child, which is obvious), but is more like this - can you get over your feelings for a person you hate and really not just pretend that you can get along in the same household? A philosophical cliche, I might say, but in this piece distributed in the most funny way possible. The scenes somehow remind of the better ones from Three men and a little baby /(the french version)/ or What happens in Vegas. I mean really funny scenes you cannot escape with having two persons not knowing how to take care of a baby and a baby in one scene. Entertaining, even more.
The other cliche we cannot escape is that opposites attract. It's pretty clear that one way or another the two main actors are going to get involved, the only remaining question is, if it's just having sex or something more. Since we are in Hollywood pack, it's quite clear it's going to be the second. Of course not without some complications, but still, the second choice.
The good thing about the movie is that it reminds us that having kids isn't just peaches and sweet cream. It's also the other way. And on our paths some mean things can happen to us. Maybe worth considering, what if, every now and then. The piece is more than average and Heigl has this good chemistry she passes in this type of movies. Really lovely to watch and I enjoyed the ride all along the way.

My personal rate: 8,0 ( a cute comedy, you will find a lot of scenes amusing and you will find the complete piece relaxing)

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