Dec 2, 2011

Hereafter, 2010

Hereafter, 2010
Director: Clint Eastwood
Cast: Matt Damon, Cecile de France, Bryce Dallas Howard

Stage: Home theatre, cool midnight tweek

Hereafter in short
:A drama centered on three people who are haunted by mortality in different ways. George (Damon) is a blue-collar American who has a special connection to the afterlife. On the other side of the world, Marie (de France), a French journalist, has a near-death experience that shakes her reality. And when Marcus (Frankie/George McLaren), a London schoolboy, loses the person closest to him, he desperately needs answers. Each on a path in search of the truth, their lives will intersect, forever changed by what they believe might-or must-exist in the hereafter.

: a remaining item on the to do list. Just came along.

Reality:Well, the first surprise is definitely Damon. And the second the good role of a media person a new face (Cecile) is playing. I adore the fact that three different lives and roles are exchanging until they somehow mix. And I love all three dramas in one. The first one, facing a tsunami on what it was supposed to be a romantic getaway, and facing the life after this, and having a death (facing death) experience while you were at it. The second, being so close to the brother you love dearly, living with a mother that is an alcoholic and after losing the brother, losing a grip to life itself. The third one, being a psychic, able to read what is a pain in other people's lives, not being normal at all and having a brother that cannot accept the fact that this isn't what you want to do. A lot of pain distributed in this movie, a lot of real case live examples of what you wouldn't want to be a part of or what you wouldn't want to experience by yourself.
Eastwood flies this plane safely and surely until the all three different worlds collide and unite, with the help of Damon (the psychic that can read people and doesn't have an own personality), crashing into Dicken's reading somewhere in London. A brilliantly set range of actions, that consequently set all three lives in order. Untraditionally, yet it breaks the heart while you want to see beyond. These are main stories. The side story, what is the afterlife all about, doesn't run in parallel, like a bad subconscience it reveals every now and then in some kind of sci-fi vision that some people experience, no real explanation or no real action afterwards. Is this what Eastwood really sees as afterlife? A bunch of statues, where one runs across to another? I don't know. But as the parallel and not first chosen story, the secret remains buried and is left to the spectator's imagination. Which isn't really bad, as I despise some insinuations and some major breakthroughs which don't seem real. However, in this case we don't hold enough evidence to state true or false. Just believable or not.
Some real life examples on how bad it can get. Two kids waiting for a half drunk mum. A couple being together as long it seems to benefit both careers. And brother love that exceeds expectations, when one forces another to read a person he doesn't really want to. And my absolutely favourite part - Damon with a sweet lady at the cooking class, tasting without seeing what they are going to eat. Sweeeeeet.

My personal rate: 7,0
(a good solid piece, will make you think about what to do if the d day comes and more important, what is beyond)

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