Oct 5, 2010

Dicht bij mij vandaan, 2010

Dicht bij mij vandaan, 2010
Cast: Kitty Courbois, Eric van der Donk, Janni Goslinga
Director:Martijn de Jong

Stage: Theatre Dvor, Billateral Focus of Embassy of Netherlands (event)

Dicht in short: The movie is a graduation work of a student, a short movie about different life paths of people that all have a better life in their palms, but never grab to reach it.

Preps: Invited from a friend of mine, to the event of the embassy. Every year they present some short movies, that show dutch environment, combined with a slovenian perspective. Graduated work and prized at many festivals. Therefore I am convinced that the movies are great.

The movie shows so much dissappointment in the way we make our choices and the consequences we need to face afterwards, that it burns my soul. The people in the movie aren't really connected in any other way apart from the fact, that they all have a better life ahead (a new boyfriend, a friend in your elderly age, interaction with another person that you don't make because you are afraid of the change).. I all shows a great deal of remorsement for the choices we decided not to do and the paths we decided not to walk on.
In its core, the movie shows appreciation for the opportunities you can find every day and the urge to explore them at least up to a point. If you don't do that, the life shortens you on the magic moments you could have experienced. The fact is, that you don't really know them or aren't aware of the options that you have unless something strikes you dead ahead in your brain and lets you think and dwell on it.

In my opinion, a great and short piece, that up to the point shows how each moment should be appreciated and how some things we grow as virtues, separate us in fact from the great experience of life.

My personal rating: 8,5 (an excellent showing of how prudent people are and how hard it is to make a change in your life, that changes it completely)

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