Oct 5, 2010

Wall Street, 1987

Wall Street, 1987
Director: Oliver Stone
Cast: Michael Douglas, Charlie Sheen, Tamara Tunie

Wall Street in short: A young and impatient stockbroker is willing to do anything to get to the top, including trading on illegal inside information taken through a ruthless and greedy corporate raider whom takes the youth under his wing.

Stage: home cinema, TV production of the day

Preps (I have seen this many times): None in perticular. I know this piece, I have seen it first as a child and was impressed about the way economy should work in USA. Or on any other part of the world.

Reality: Still, the piece amazes me. Douglas is brilliant in this act of crucial part of a company, a greedy individual that exploits rival aspect of another, young broker, willing to take any path possible (even immoral or illegal) to come to the top of the food chain in the industry. Several economical basic rules are broken here, nevertheless, the movie remains a true reminder of that decade of movie creating. USA government is upraised, US Economy forced to feel like the only one working in the world, and increasing fear of others coming in and taking the game out of brave US people.

Charlie Sheen is brilliant in his new yuppy image, fighting his way to be the best of the best (an ideal, shown in many movies of that period - one of them for instance Top Gun, or some war movies). After the movie, the broker position was many times seeked as a top job position worldwide, needless to say, especially in USA. Also in Europe. After that, going to the university of Economics, seemed like a walk in the park. Sadly enough, the faculty teaches you that some rules, obeyed in this movie to make forgeries work or to gain money, are really false and can mislead individuals to think it really works.

The perspective of having that much money to spend on women, life itself and getting into a high class society, seemed unreal at that point and something most people only dream of.

My personal rating: 7,0 (it was the first time that broker world amazed me, when I saw this. A classic, every future economist should see in my opinion, although the theory cracks in practical (unreal) scenes).

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