Oct 5, 2010

Winterslaap in Lukomir, 2010

Winterslaap in Lukomir, 2010
Director: Niels van Koervorden
Cast: Izet Kalkan, Ajlina Murić, Damir Hodžić

Winterslaap in short: Documentary movie about isolated mountain village in Bosnia, at winter covered with snow, therefore isolated for half a year from outside world. From 11 inhabitants we meet three - Hismet, Derva and Nura, that need to survive and furthermore, survive amongst themselves.

Stage: Kino Dvor

Preps: The movie is also a part of dutch festival I see in kino Dvor. Awarded as the best graduation piece of a student.

Reality: The movie is static and doesn't leave any room for different interpretations or dwelling off the main stream of the story. I cannot decide whether I am only shocked by the way some people are forced to live (or decide to live this way - this is also something I cannot decide about). The sadness of the situation that they are forced into, is something that rocks my soul and makes me feel grateful for what I have or what I do in my life. And for them, it's the only way they know how to live and what to expect from life. From a perspective of someone, living in a "normal" city or "normal" circumstances, this is beyond belief. The impact that this piece has, is devastating if you think how to survive this. Many of us would simply go mad. And to the viewer's surprise, these people not only cope with it (they don't know something else, anyway), but also make occasional fun when living it. Still, the lack of younger people as the problem of such isolated villages, appears, and the solution is not offered to the viewer. Unfortunately. Promoting piece and time you have, when living like this, is crushed by the severe reality of the cruel nature you need to live with .

My personal rating: 6,0 (a bit too static for my taste, however, a true reminder how life like this really looks like).

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