Oct 5, 2010

Moški, 2010

Moški, 2010
Director: Mina Bergant
Cast: Mojca Funkl, Mateja Glažar, Brane Grubar

Moški in short: This is an awarded movie from the 13. slovene film festival in the category student short movie. The mainframe holds grip around a man, still living at home with his mum, exposing the unsocialized human being, unable to adopt or get independent until he's forced to.

Official short synopsis: Marko is 40 years old man and he still lives with his mother. His life is settled between work and home. His co-worker Ajda is trying to get closer to him, but she doesn't have any success. Marko always returns to his mother. When it seems that he will never learn to separate from her, his mother takes matters into her own hands. Will Marko finally grow up?

Preps: As I enter the short movie event, I am convinced that again, masterpieces will be shown.

Stage: Theatre Dvor (Netherland Embassy event)

Reality: I think it is amazing that every now and then you come up with something that is eating the society for ages and still, the presentation or a movie deployment of this is brilliant, fresh and has such a strong message that it hurts even to your bones. Moški in this sense emphasizes the meaning of independency and a cosy embrace of one's mother (on the other side), unwilling or unable to let the junior go - from junior's perspective it's much more convenient to just stay at home and let the mother do the washing, ironing, cooking, etc. And, furthermore, the movie directly shows what kind of unsocialized person you end up to be with this approach.

The basic turnover in the movie, the arrival of another man and childish behaviour of the main actor is amazing - puts even a more disgusting perspective of leading such a life. I am amazed that from the man's perspective nothing is wrong with his life, leading conveniency of mum being present up to a point, where I just nod my head in misbelief.

Even though finally he is on the track to get things done, I am quite confident that for most of men, raised up like this, this is just something they can dream of. Moreover, such a life seems normal to them. To a spectator, it's filled with ironic thoughts and regretful feelings.

My personal rating: 9,0 ( a brilliant movie, explaining all the reasons why one should become independent ages ago..)

Official movie webpage

Webpage of the director Mina

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