Sep 26, 2010

Frozen, 2010

Frozen, 2010
Director: Adam Green
Cast: Emma Bell, Shawn Ashmore, Kevin Zegers

Frozen in short:
Three skiers are stranded on a chairlift and forced to make life-or-death choices that prove more perilous than staying put and freezing to death

Stage: home cinema

Preps: I have seen the plot and the movie sounds interesting. No special expectations nevertheless.

Reality: The movie kicks off with a live skiing resort ideal world of three persons going for the Sunday skiing in the local resort, at its third it is broken down to a static sequence of them being stuck on the mountain for unknown period of time, forgotten on a ski lift. Sounds believable, however the main fact that the degrees on the ski resort are below zero makes it hard to believe they would even survive a night, yet alone the complete week.

The script makes the spectator even laugh a bit about the dreadful situation, however, a tiny approach of the director to make something dynamic about the things young people share with each other or even evolve some stressful situation results this "being stuck on the ski lift and very likely to die from" situation offers.

None of this happens. After a good half of the movie I don't want to look at it anymore, because nothing really happens. The scenes are prolonged beyond belief, the movie lacks energy and some believable moments. The one good attempt would be being eaten by the wolves - this makes the movie a bit more interesting again and puts this situation into another perspective. However, it also accuses the young people being stupid - making them jump without thinking from the ski lift is one good example of this.
The story also lacks some background. Surely the three persons would be filed missing and being searched by their parents, therefore I strongly doubt this could be a real situation. It could be a good reminder to ski fans, though, not to exploit working times of ski resorts- in the end after some thoughts I can also see it this way. And the ironic, dramatical moment - would the girl live normally? I suppose she would froze the first night.

My personal rating: 3,0 (some highlighted moments and the start made it easier for me to follow at least until its half. Apart from that, do something else. Not worth your time.)

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