Sep 15, 2010

W., 2008

W., 2008
Director: Oliver Stone
Cast: Josh Brolin, Colin Hanks, Richard Dreyfuss

W. in short: A chronicle on the life and presidency of 'George W. Bush'

Stage: Home theatre

Preps: I knew it was a biography of W. Bush, and I didn't take the time to watch it. However, every now and then I just force myself into seeing some things I wanted to see a long time ago and are just standing in the queue.

Reality: Well, the movie surprises with constant switching from present into past. The past, starting with Bush joining the fraternity and later on upgrading from student parties to the governer or the president elections.
Obviously, Bush is here stated as the tragic hero - placing him in flesh and blood, showing his attitude towards alcohol and women. To be quite honest, the tragic hero image doesn't impact my veins, because I simply despise the character he's playing. I believe it to be a true farmer image and having a farmer attitude towards everything. When getting a job, he relies completely on his family, trying to throw away the intelligence he had in his DNA, with a negative attitude; and giving passes to women all around - finally settling up for Linda, who is admired by his family. Making decisions in the president's chambers - like seeing children with their toys. In this case, the toys seem to be powerful enough to destroy nations. All in the name of God. Or higher goals. Which never seem to be lying on the table, transparent to all.

The light motive for this in the background is making up to his father. Or chasing father figure's expectations, living up to them. And when failing them, humbly trying to rise again. Which in many occasions, doesn't happen quite the way W. expected.

The interesting part also for the viewer will be seeing the way strong issues are being handled. Like placing adults into a sandbox, discussing whether to take over Iran or not. Whether to raise an army to march into Afganistan. Like they would be discussing making a cheese omlet. Quite disgusting, I might add. How did such people come to these positions to be making these types of decisions.. and that makes me worried. We all are aware that presidents tend to be puppets in the hands of their elected chiefs of everything in the country, however the thing that should worry us more was, how did some of these people come to their positions and why don't we have a meter/critical border/line, where no person with such values or standards should pass. And yet they do.

A clean and "sort-of-emotional" produced movie. In terms of showing the background of a great name in politics - a true success. In terms of making me try to like/understand the Bush politics more - a great failure.

My personal rating: 6,5 (although I don't like his political views/actions and I don't really support them, I think the movie shows him as a flesh and blood person and gives the grounds to the viewer why he is the way he is and what is the background of his living before and after entering the politics)

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