Mar 27, 2010

Whip it, 2009

Whip it, 2009
Director: Drew Barrymore
Cast: Ellen Page, Marcia Gay Harden, Drew Barrymore

Stage: Home theatre

Whip it synopsis: In Bodeen, Texas, an indie-rock loving misfit finds a way of dealing with her small-town misery after she discovers a roller derby league in nearby Austin.

Preps: None in perticular, I don't know the name, the movie doesn't ring a bell to me, however it is in a row and eventually I come to it.

Reality: I like the high school/maturing/young adult age/growing up movies. And this one is packed in sports and competitions, major part of growing up. The cast isn't really splendid and the dialogues are a bit boring, apart from some irony and black humour, my soul remains a bit unsatisfied.

However, it also pursues some other things, like following the dreams of your mother and dying while doing it, lying among family, relationship and forgiveness afterwards. In my opinion, the positive values are exposed in a tutoring kind of way, so that the viewer is somehow satisfied and glad about the ending. A decend kind of fun. Of course, age at those sports is always verified at the beginning of a contest, so I guess in this sense it's a bit of a lie that Drew Barrymore as director pulls of elegantly. But, in my opinion, one has to make a choice, either to be a director or an actor in one piece. For this, some parts of the movie could have been performed way better than they were, or some parts of acting for that matter.

My personal rate: 5,5 (decent fun, but don't expect too much of it. And an interesting sport shown, also combat of the ladies)

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