Mar 19, 2010

Did you hear about the Morgans, 2009

Did you hear about the Morgans, 2009
Director: Marc Lawrence
Cast: Sarah Jessica Parker, Hugh Grant

Stage: Home theatre
Morgans in short: In New York City, an estranged couple who witness a murder are relocated to small-town Wyoming as part of a witness-protection program.

Preps: one of my friends told me it is somehow interesting and maybe worth seeing. Apart from that I am aware about Grant, nothing more

Reality: Cissy boring re-make of long known story - for instance Doc Hollywood. Hannah Montana in a way she comes in a village, so called small town, where the virtues of living in a small town compared to a big one (in Morgans New York), are being put on a piedestal. And in this case, also some old romance is lit on again.

Very boring, but in some way it has some fruit to eat - some dialogues between old couple are quite amusing. Also some good music. Scenery.. hm, practical, but doesn't get my attention. Neither do Sarah Jessica and Hugh Grant, who I see in all kind of romantic comedies, like Nothing Hill, etc. Wasn't he also in the Valentine's day? He would have fit there like a glove.

Nevertheless, you will enjoy it on a rainy Sunday evening, even more if you are a chick and even more if you see it with a friend. I had a serious consideration of turning it off. However, I managed up to the end.

My personal rating: 3,0 (if you don't have anything more exciting to do and just love Sarah or Hugh in any role - this definitely isn't one of their best. And their romance is only in the script, not on the movie.

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