Mar 21, 2010

Bandslam, 2009

Bandslam, 2009
Director: Todd Graff
Cast: Alyson Michalka, Vanessa Hudgens, Gaelan Connel

Bandslam synopsis: A new kid in town assembles a fledgling rock band -- together, they achieve their dreams and compete against the best in the biggest event of the year, a battle of the bands.

none in perticular. And I didn't know anything about the movie, was one of those waiting patiently for my attention

cosiness of home theatre with pop corn :)

Reality: I really enjoyed this one, just the right thing for a cosy Sunday rainy afternoon. The actors are unknown, for sure the reason is in high school scenario. I love to see one in genre from time to time. It reminded me of The school of rock, 10 things I hate about you, maybe also the Twilight saga in its high schoolness.

There's some great music pieces involved. Anything I own in its ska version - brilliant. And implication / realization of dreams I also once had, to be in high school and to have a rock band there that would actually go to some talent shows, competitions, etc. I wonder, can this really be real? I mean, even for USA it seems a bit overdose - high schools aren't really that student-friendly. Or maybe in Europe we have a different perception of university and high school in general and we easily buy such movies as this one is. The mocking scenes and the classes (with overdose enthusiastic teachers with different projects) are a bit over the top - I mean, it certainly doesn't work this way in real life, I am sure. High schools in my country don't support anything but good grades (even though they say they do). I strongly believe in other countries the idea is the same - to seamlessly produce brilliant future students to work hard for the rest of their lives.

In any case, the movie was a refreshing surprise. I loved the music, the idea of having a rock band (rocks my brains out) and the way it's presented. A bit surrealistic to expect to switch the main song in the last minute (right at the end of the movie), but I bought it, it was presented somehow romantic. I need to have the OST as soon as possible, some good tunes in it! And check the official site - link below.

My personal rating: 7,5 (to my surprise, a decent high school movie :) You will love it if you like the genre.)

Bandslam on IMDB
Official site

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