May 30, 2010

Shrek Forever After, 2010

Shrek Forever After, 2010
Director: Mike Mitchell
Cast: Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Antonio Banderas, Eddie Murphy

Stage: Local Colloseum (Local theatre)

Preps: Hmmmm, Slovenia has a huge commercial background for this one. You can collect multiple things to receive marketing materials, where Shrek is - cups, badges, fluffy animals, campaign is really great and if it happened two months before the actual movie, I believe the movie would be even a greater success as it already is. Long time expected, the final part of this animated classic, that set standards for an animated movie with its first part in 2001. I wanted to see this badly as I am a bit of an addict to such movies. And who can resist Eddie Murphy as the Donkey and Banderas as the Puss?

Reality: It is really hard to make the fourth sequel of a great hit. The same problem is with Ice Age. With so many movies out we are very picky and very talented to criticize without a perticular reason. The worst thing is to make a sequel just because you feel you have to. Every sequel has to have a story. After all, not everyone can make Die Hard (and have three good ones), or Rambo's to some extention.

In any case, this piece is innovative and fresh, it offers a complete different perspective of an oger life, from what it used to be, to what it has evolved into now, with all the trivial problems that don't seem problems any more once Shrek loses them. He offends his wife, signs a contract with a devil and works his way through the movie to win his life back. He suddenly starts to appreciate what he thought was a curse for him. Funny, and that is precisely the way our lives work in a way, don't you agree?

So we look this struggle, meet other ogers, meet finally the Donkey and Puss, in their best condition - they make me laugh the whole time. I just cannot resist Murphy, I can practically see his gestures through Donkey's big teeth smile and Banderas when clapping the boots that crack of the fat he posesses within a cat's body.

There aren't any overeaters in terms of scenography, special effects, or something that would get my mind to focus on this. However, the music is good (especially the one that the Donkey is singing), the idea of the witches is great, and the theme - to be able to change something in your life and then find a noble way to win it back - it's really modern and you can personalize in it.

One of the greatest scenes :) You need to see it!

Donkey: Why don't you just tell her what you told me? You know, about how you're her true love and you came from an alternate universe.

Shrek: Oh, and while I'm at it, why don't I tell her that you're married to a fire breathing dragon and you have little mutant donkey dragon babies?
Donkey: I do?

Shrek: You saw what happened. She's going to think I'm crazy.

Donkey: I'm a daddy?

My personal rating:7,0 (better than I expected and on some levels, the greatest achievement for an animated picture. The main theme evolves and in a way, touches some questions we might have when being in the same situation - the post marital life and being able to appreciate what you have when you lose it). I think you will really enjoy it :)

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