May 2, 2010

The Back-up plan, 2010

The Back-up plan, 2010
Director:Alan Poul
Cast: Jennifer Lopez, Alex O'Loughlin

Stage: home theatre, a mildly bad version, however I wanted to see it, so I also accepted worse quality for viewing and rating this

Preps: I have seen the trailer. I expected a romantic comedy and Jennifer to be charming as ever, the guy is a new face on the cast, to my knowledge at least. Seems all romantic comedies are no fun lately and they are a disgrace to their genre. I wanted this to be a bit better in at least one perspective.

Reality: The true problem, which drives me to see the movie even after 20 min is obviously, the way she will share with her new love the good news (if you can put it this way) - that she's pregnant. And the way the guy is going to accept it, intrigues me and makes me wonder to see it.

I am dissappointed. The dialogues are nothing special, the answer to how to deal with this is "you will manage, the whole universe has", or, where will I have the money to raise a child (or in this case, two), is neglected - you will manage somehow. The problem, how one accepts other man's child (and doesn't even know who the father is - neither of the couple), is put aside, the other problem - how dreadful a decision must be to be inseminated (for a woman's perspective).. maybe the relationship you have afterwards with your family, the surroundings, all of your friends, how are you supposed to work.. and there are more questions arising in me..

These are all topics that could have been addressed in this movie - sadly they are not. I mean, they are just side topics, that get a tap on the shoulder and a quick getaway with a nonsense dialogue. Lopez again complains about her cute ass and this time you cannot see the difference, even if she's pregnant. The cheese guy is presented as a cute guy that takes on everything without a problem, they seem to break up and come back together in an instant (and the director is bold enough to put the blame to a pregnant woman's emotional affection. They move together and live, go apart and again come together. Not really realistic and I don't buy it - for me it's not believable. The movie itself doesn't offer any kind of satisfaction to the viewer, merely a thought that everything settles itself in the end.

I don't really recommend it, even to freaks on Lopez or those that would see this cute guy. The labour in water seems a disaster (the whole scene is making fun out of it) - skip that part in the movie if you need to see it :). However, it's not a back up plan for me - I don't buy it.

My personal rating: 4 (Apart from a trigging question, how to tell your new boyfriend you already are pregnant), nothing really bad if you miss it, trust me. One of romantic comedies I have seen lately, but nothing really brilliant about it.

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