May 16, 2010

Big momma's house 2, 2006

Big momma's house 2, 2006
Director: John Whitesell
Cast: Martin Lawrence, Nia Long

Momma again in short: Martin Lawrence returns as FBI agent Malcolm Turner, a master of disguise who again goes deep undercover as the sassy septuagenarian "Big Momma." The FBI has learned that a computer software developer named Tom Fuller has created a computer virus that allows access to classified US government files, Fuller is planning to sell the virus to terrorist organizations all over the world. Upon hearing this, the FBI's best lead is Fuller's wife. So Malcolm goes undercover again as Big Momma in order to pose as Mrs. Fuller's nanny. and as always, Big Momma once again turns the house upside down.

Stage: Home TV selection, one week after Momma 1

Preps: one of my friends decides to come for a movie night. She needs to see a comedy. I wanted actually to check out Phone Booth again, a superb movie to my recall,. However, she persuades me this one will be great. Ok, I will submerge to her and not to my inner thoughts that this is one of the worst sequels of a bad comedy..

Reality: Hmmm, I am correct in my assumptions. The first part was a dissappointment, and so is this one. The comic scenes underestimate the spectator, the dialogue makes me feel stupid because I don't see the comedy in this. The story is taken out of the dumpster of scenarios, Nia Long plays a fool inlove, Martin Lawrence takes this cast probably because of lack of money.. all in all .. dissappointment.

Directors when putting down a sequel, should really consider the purpose of this. What was done in first part, that wasn't said there? Where is the niche for setting up a sequel? What will be this competitive edge that a sequel might bring to spectator to see the main difference and add value to the first part? Well, here this homework wasn't done at all. Again, the scenes with bringing up the image of Big Momma, are impressive (I wouldn't dare showing up 150 kg more than I have and still resemble the old lady. Lawrence (or the costumography team) does a great job here. I am impressed by this. However, this already happened in the first part. So, I need something more here. I carefully think about it.. but the movie is empty. The love story between Nia and Lawrence isn't believable, doesn't look genuine at all. The happening is unbelieavable, too (the flow of the story is just brought up in a second, like the director wouldn't even stop and think about it before putting it together).

Some of the scenes are still very funny, but they never make up for the time loss the spectator has. In my opinion, it's a no-no (the decision whether to watch this or not). If there wasn't for my friend (and she really enjoyed this), I would have turned this off long time before the end. So, don't see it if you have anything more enjoyable to do.

My personal rating: 2,0 (if you have something more important to do, do it :)

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