Jul 5, 2010

The Number 23, 2007

The Number 23, 2007
Director: Joel Schumacher
Cast: Jim Carey, Virginia Madsen, Logan Lerman

The Number in short: Walter Sparrow becomes obsessed with a novel that he believes was written about him. As his obsession increases, more and more similarities seem to arise.

Stage: Home Theatre

Preps: none whatsoever. I got this as a recommendation from a friend to be one of the best roles Carey ever played. Surprisingly, I never heard of the piece, but I do care about good recommendations. Therefore, it came to its turn on one of the evenings.

Reality: This is one of the perfect settings in different layers the viewer has to discover while watching the movie. The genuine story about Sparrow getting a present for his birthday and revealing a deeper meaning in a book he reads in an instant - followed by obsession with number 23 is in the spare time overrun by the next level (the true happening in the book, being depicted in the movie). The character from the book is Sparrow himself and discovering the secret behind number 23 (and everything that this number is connected with) reveals the horrifying truth about his past and the murder he commited - but has no recollection in his memory about the event.

Philosophically put, the obsession with numbers goes way in the past (greeks, romans, illuminati secrets, etc), the mania about number 23 is well known also as 23 enigma (see more here on wiki). The numerological significance often plays with people's mind, making them believe what cannot really be proven from science's point of view.

In this movie, the number 23 is simply the riddle to resolve the location of a murdered woman - however to know this, your mind will work really hard as it is amazing, how Sparrow uses his charm to make you buy the idea and on the other hand you cannot buy the fact it could be all just coincidental - the stage, the book, the present, etc.

The different levels, put into the movie, the methaphorical characters, described in the book and the way Sparrow forces them into his life - living the life of his Avatar (e.g. the guy from the past he cannot remember anymore) - it will catch your attention and make you believe one thing, whereas the truth lies somewhere else. Before you know it, the movie is over and the brain cells just cannot stop working. This is definitely one of Jim Carey's masterpieces and a good recommendation also to non-fans. See him in a serious and very adult role :)

My personal rating: 8,5 (twists and curls in the movie will make your brain cells work all the way making different layers in the movie to work and to reveal the true story. An inspiring piece!)

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