Jun 8, 2010

Wake up, Sid, 2009

Wake up Sid, 2009
Director: Alan Mukherjee
Cast:Ranbir Kapoor, Konkona Sen Sharma

Wake up Syd in short: In Mumbai, Sid Mehra is, in the words of his father, an arrogant, spoiled brat. He lives with a doting mother and a father who pays his expenses and credit card bills. Sid takes his college finals then starts work at his father's business; he lasts less than a week before walking out. At a graduation party, he's met Aisha, newly arrived from Calcutta, set on becoming a writer. He shows her the city and helps her refurbish a rented flat. He asks if she'd like to progress from friend to something more; she says no - he lacks ambition and isn't her type. Will her words, his exam results, a confrontation with his parents, and a break with his friends be enough to wake Sid up?

Stage: Home theatre
Preps: The movie was recommended by one of my colleagues, really crazy about indian way of life. I appreciate the critics so I decide to check it out on my own.

Reality: The movie is really cute and positive, it shows exactly how one can be spoilt if bred in the right family (with a huge amount of money), where everything is taken for granted and you get all on a silver plate. Once the life hits you with something and you are left with nothing, you need to build everything. The problem with Syd is he doesn't know how or with what. He doesn't know how to work, he doesn't appreciate each penny he receives, he never had to do anything in his life, so he needs to grow up in terms of independence.

My strong belief is that if you decide for something, you will find the way to get to it. And with strong will, you will meet the right persons (or have luck when going through this path to meet right people) that will help you. Sid finds his luck in image of Aisha, a beautiful girl, striving for her own independence, that shows Sid values that girls (or normal people, that didn't have a money push from the start), appreciate. And Sid finds himself a job, falls in love, his prior values (partying, spending money) are now being an adult, being independent - doing things that sometimes aren't cool or fun, but doing them because it's the right thing to do. While Sid is growing up, he also builds a new relationship to his existing family and shows some appreciation afterall. And of course, this cute movie cannot exist without the romance.

India is shown in a different perspective here. Maybe even a stronger message than the one in the notorious Slumdog Millionaire. Definitely worth seeing.

My personal rating: 7,5 (the unique and inspiring way of showing how one can grow within himself as the result of growing up and being independent).

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