Jun 16, 2010

Little city, 1997

Little city, 1997
Director: Roberto Benabib
Cast: Jon Bon Jovi, Penelope Ann Miller, Annabella Sciora, Josh Charles

Little city in short: Adam is a painter who works as cab driver and blames his difficulties with women on his former girlfriend Kate who left him for lesbian Anne. As a result he doesn't pay much attention to his current girlfriend Nina, who leaves him for his best friend Kevin. New girl in town, Rebecca, who works in the same bar as Kevin, turns their lives into even bigger chaos.

Stage: Home TV selection

I see the cast and I am impressed - I haven't seen many good movies with good cast (if there are plenty of normal or upgraded actors). This should be one of them / the not good ones, at least to my humble opinion. I have a hunch. However, our local national TV tends to pick movies for Wednesdays very thoroughly -this means you usually end up with a good one afterall. Still - Jon Bon Jovi (he should stick to the guitar which he does best!)

Reality: Somehow it reminds me of Burn without reading or some other movies that deal with relationships, how to handle them, how to handle loss or a somehow corrupted theme (maybe ungrateful for the directors) - gay theme. Here the relationships revolve around lesbian women and their way of finding recognition, personal luck or happinness or something worth living in life.

The movie makes me think about the values we all cherish, about typical family and what it's worth, maybe another perspective. I hate the town they are in, it's not the little town, it's New York - the town I have always wanted to see once for real. However, in the movie it has the connotation of being little, of having single people in and that something is wrong with you if you cannot eat up the pace the town lives with.

Something about being OK, if you are undecisive, or maybe if you don't know exactly what to do with your life, asking yourself about the steps you took, well, it gives me shivers, but with anxiety and I am totally open to this perspective. I love the way the main cast builds up the relationships and I absolutely adore short scenes the main actors have among each other. How important is raising a child together? Is it ok, if you have feelings for women, if you are a woman yourself? How about cheating someone with his best friend? Some important life questions here, I love to think about similar topics. And this is precisely why the movie is cute and worth seeing.

By the way, I was right about the cast - too glamorous to make it work. I love all of above mentioned - Bon Jovi should stick to the guitar and definitely - Penelope Ann Miller is adoring in those kind of romantic screens :)

About the destinations we go to in one of the scenes:

Adam: People who are tragically ambitious and smart go to New York and people who are just tragically smart come here.
Rebecca: Oh. Well what about people who are just tragically ambitious?
Adam: They go to LA.

My personal rate: 6,5
(being a cute movie and make me think about the relationships, how it's supposed to work out and being open to gay themes)

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