Jun 8, 2010

Brokeback Mountain, 2005

Brokeback Mountain, 2005
Director: Ang Lee
Cast: Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal, Randy Quaid, Michelle Williams

Brokeback Mountain in short: In 1963,two young men hire on as ranch hands in the Wyoming mountains.During the long months of isolation,an unusual bond starts to develop between them, one which they are only vaguely aware of--until one night when it rises to the surface in a passionate encounter.When the season ends,they part ways,only to realize the true depth of their feelings.Thus begins a decades-long affair that the two of them desperately try to hide from those around them--one which will prove simultaneously beautiful and devastating.

Stage: Local theatre, home theatre (2. time)

Preps: Seeing this at the movies for the first time, I was in the Oscar fever - wanted to see the finalists before the real award ceremony, as I did each year. Now, when I am aware of the greatness of the movie, I am thrilled to see it again at home. I always discover something more in the movies I liked before. This one has also a strong message, that can relate to any kind of relationship.

Gay theme is something that drives masses in the theatres, as I go and see it. It's something that isn't exposed very often and when it is, it isn't as vivid and direct as it is here. The scenery, chosen for the cowboy romance, is amazing. The scenario is not only believable, but also put in times, when you truly buy it. Hiding behind a "real" family or what the public expects from both of men, they do get married and they do have children, but all along, they find themselves as soul mates that cannot forget what they shared that summer on the mountain.

Against the policy of those times, they are crucified by society and misunderstood, finally the viewer is faced with depressed actions that might happen, if the society finds out about man's "status": one of the couple drinks, loses the family and loses everything he had in his life but his love and unwillingness to admit it. The other one is beaten to death by people in his town. Sadly enough, they never decide to move together and they never are truly a couple.

At the end, everything that remains, are the memories of that summer and the mountain. Because they never had the courage to make something out of the special gift they were given with the love, they are left with nothing.

The movie is sad and inspiring in terms of making something out of things you can influence on (not leaving it to the fate anyway) or building your relationship, even if the crowd doesn't accept it, even if it's not the right time, place or energy. The important thing is, that the person is.

My personal rating: 9,0 (Although it is long and sometimes lacks dynamics, it is a very strong one with a good message. One of Ledger's best performances in my opinion. Worth seeing).
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