Oct 29, 2011

The Maiden Danced to death, 2011

The Maiden Danced To Death, 2011
Director: Endre Hules
Cast: Endre Hules, Bea Merkvi, Deborah Kara Unger, Boris Cavazza

Stage: Kino Dvor, local art theatre

The Maiden Danced to Death in short:
There were two brothers - two dancers - in Communist Hungary. One defected, the other stuck it out. One gave his soul to commerce, the other to the Party. After twenty years, they meet again. And the dance begins.

Preps: I only heard the best critics about this piece and I am more than curious.

Reality: This piece is more than made excellent. It has several levels that one can dive into and search for inner wisdom to help in seeking the right way. Two brothers reunite after 20 years, one still in Hungary doing major projects with a dance group noone will sponsor and seeking the love he felt for dancing inside the management of the group, the other brother is a famous manager that replaced the love he had for dancing and dancing itself with high level management on global level. Which means that the same roots they once shared now turned into two completely different paths.

One story we follow is the reunion and the difficulties the two guys have when trying to act as if nothing happened (which is truly only on the surface), on the other hand trying to figure out the way to work together again.

It's a completely balcan perception that if you are abroad, you must have a lot of money, therefore you need to give it to your family. Regardless of the relationship you have with them, you are obliged to help them. In this sense, a true separation occurs when the supposeably richer brother refuses to do so at the beginning and then inclines to the emotions he feels (or is it the feeling of the guilt?) Of course he smells also money, he's not doing it just to please some historical emotions. On the other hand the project he's taking under his wing - cannot be delivered half way as the other brother perceives. The first one, with outdoor experience, knows that it takes dedication and non-diplomatic actions to make people to breathe for the project. On this path a voulter side of the brothers takes its stage moment. The relationship between them couldn't be more complicated. They are both filled with guilt and pride, the worst combination to have in business. However, they somehow manage to get over it and make it work - the dance has its important role here, as it acts as an accellerator of passion, emotions, and also tools to calm down and take a deep breath before acting.

The stage is more or less limited to the dance floor, where they are preparing the show. The other story we are following, is the relationship between long lost brother and his parents. Surprisingly, they are Slovene - what a concept. I am sure that all slovene people when seeing this, feel some sort of patriotism and pride :)
To stay on the safe side, the movie is definitely a hungarian one. However, it has a global meaning. It could be put into any environment worldwide.
In the scenes with father, the father figure is brilliantly played by Cavazza. Such a small, yet so exclusive, powerful one. I loved him, and the concept of the insulted family, he's trying to pull off as he fights with his lost son. It isn't until the end of the movie, where a sudden twist lets us know what the deal was and why he went away. Through the movie, you are just collecting pieces and guessing. Superb!

The third story is the love triangle between the brothers and the wife of one of them (mistress of another in previous periods of life). Flirtation, passion, hectic time when they argue one with another. Expressing love, gratitude, remorsement, sadness about the way things turned out and yet, a chance to escape they never take. A deep, passionate relationship that is depicted in a way that will shake your breath.

The piece, as in whole, one of the better ones this year. I absolutely adored it!

My personal rate: 9,5 (brilliant, in any aspect possible!)

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