Oct 14, 2011

Che. Un hombre nuevo, 2010

Che. Un hombre nuevo, 2010
Director: Tristan Bauer
Cast: Documentary with real shots from Che's life. Voices: Ernesto Guevara, Rafael Guevara, Tristan Bauer

Stage: Local theatre Dvor, late Friday night

Preps: None in perticular. I am a fan of biographies and think they are a good way of getting insight into persons you admire (or don't admire yet). I strongly feel they should be a part of learning history - to be shown to students.

Che in short: Ernesto Guevara, “el Che”, murdered at the age of 39, has become one of the most outstanding iconic figures of our times. His image, work and thinking have nowadays an amazing strength.
This documentary film, built from an intimate Guevara´s subjective perspective, remarks his continuous education and coherence, his poetic view of reality, his studies and thinking in the service of action and of the building of a new world. The film is based on family and military files that have never been shown.

Reality: Amazing to see some of the shots that were never seen and never heard of. Definitely an insight into Che's life and way some people saw him and interpret what he was doing and the way he was making revolution in the world. I believe he was the father of many different mindsets in eyes of many people. And the base for many dramatical hapennings throughout the territories he wanted to liberate.

Although the insight is resourceful, I cannot imagine that everything was depicted without any restrictions - census from governmental side. We can truly see some critical moments in his life and some emotional moments, from the starting scene, where we hear his last words to his wife and ending point, when we hear them again. The piece holds us in attention for most of the time, however in some aspects I asume that it ran out of "meat", or they simply had some things to put in the documentary even if it affects the audience attention. To be more up to point - I would feel quite comfortable if the movie was shorter and not so biorhythmical - which means that it had my attention and both ears/eyes for 75% of its circle, but 25% were more than my veins could process.

Despite this, I believe it's a true documentary and real piece, that most of us should see for historical /learning point and there are assumptions in my head that there were quite a lot of things that were not included and needed to get out because of diplomatic reasons of any kind. A strong man, depicted as an icon that masses would follow, a true flirt with the camera and exploiting all the powers that communication and marketing could do in that period.. quite amazing man and definitely a must see in each aspect of its way to the public.

My personal rate: 7,5 (see it. it will make learning history about important men valid).

Check out more about Che ..http://www.cheunhombrenuevo.com.ar/index.htm

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