Oct 30, 2011

The Horse Whisperer, 1998

The Horse Whisperer, 1998
Director: Robert Redford
Cast: Robert Redford, Kristin Scott Thomas, Sam Neil

Stage: Home TV selection on a good Sunday night

The horse whisperer in short:
A teenage girl riding a horse is hit by a truck. To help heal her troubled/injured daughter, and horse, the mother takes them to Montana to recuperate at the ranch of a 'horse whisperer', a horse healer of mystical talents. The mother proceeds to fall in love with him, as well.

Preps: I have seen this several times. A beautiful piece, therefore I watch it for the soul reasons (as well as blog reasons). And I expect to be dazzled as always.

Reality: Amazing, beautiful piece on love towards animals. Living on a farm, living somewhere where time is a constant and not a dynamical component. The plot is fairly simple - the only way to recover a car injury (accident) is to get away from everything and try to figure it out. The same goes for animals than it goes for persons - in this case a married mum with her daughter.

The scenery is marvellous, the dialogues are good (solid). Considering that the director is the main act (I normally make fun out of those movies because you cannot be in god's role and play god's father. In other sense, you cannot be the main cast and director in my opinion). Nevertheless, this piece shows it can be done - maybe because of the crew, the genre, I don't know why in perticular. However, this drama/romance is pretty genuine and it touches your heart. Especially if you are fond of animals and feel sorry for the psychologically deluted ones, the ones that need special care, affection, attention. Those are also the ones this piece is targeted to. You will love the nature and sceneries chosen for the dialogues. The irony in bringing a city girl in the nature or on to the farm, makes place for funny scenes. And makes place for jokes you couldn't place on another location/time/space.

The mere idea of whispering to the horses seems funny until you see it for real. Some truly amazing footage of horses and the process of curement. A cover story for the relationship story that is really happening from behind (escape from everyday normal city life; parents never being present; time flying away differently on the farm as in real life for the people that are stealing the nature moments to fly away to their imagination). There are many stories that could reveal themselves, however they remain in cocoon of director's imagination.

A nice piece to have on a lovely evening. Nothing more, nothing less. I love the animal feeling, I adore the music and the scenery. I just love the idea of escaping in the nature and living there without the pressure of everyday life. I am sure that the most audience of this movie will appreciate the last few lines I have been writing. The escape is what we all want. The question is, do we have the courage.

My personal rate: 8,0 (beautiful piece, it will fill your soul and heart. Especially if you are fond of horses)

Horse whisperer on IMDB

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