Oct 14, 2011

Lahko noč, Gospodična (Good Night, Missy), 2011

Lahko noč, gospodična (Good Night, Missy), 2011
Director: Metod Pevec
Cast: Polona Juh, Jernej Šugman, Mila Fürst, Marjana Brecelj, Pia Zemljič, Jan Cvitkovič

Stage: Local theatre; the newly (re)opened Komuna in the centre of Ljubljana

Gospodična (Missy) in short: "Good Night, Missy" depicts a story of a young woman, Hana, who leads a seemingly perfect life with a husband, a daughter and a well-paid job. However, after finding out that her husband is cheating on her, she returns to her mother, where she has to rethink her priorities after meeting a lover from her student days.

Preps: Hmmm. I always have this urge to see a slovenian movie. There aren't so many, + you need to support local production + the movie has received several international awards + the roomer is that it's really cool. So no brainer, I definitely need to see it as soon as possible. Plus, I really adore Jernej Šugman, although I am used to him from real stage and local theatre.

Reality: Yup, a must see. It's a splendid interpretation of a relationship falling apart and trying to set it back together at first, however after downfall, breaking the mirror images of better selves and picking up the leftovers from a once happy life of one couple.

It could be any couple in the world, so universally shown truth can be deployed from the piece. If two once joined souls spend a lot of time apart with separate interests, it is inevitable that they will grow apart and find someone else to share interests, funny and loving moments with. In this perticular case, the male side of the partnership decides to have an affair, and wife when finding out, normally freaks out. The deciding point is shown later in the movie. To make it even more complicated, the "child issue" is brought up, the devastation that a child feels when the parents decide not to live together anymore.

Another view on the matter is given by her mother, because she is used to this sort of relationship from her own experience (hard quotes like - "Men are men, they cannot help themselves, they have needs".. and " I thought we ran out of crying over men and got used to the fact that the world is like this and accept it as it is). The quotes are taken from my memory from the screening, however they are quite similar to actually said words from the mother and hit me hard when thinking about that. What is then the line between the two and what are the indicators one should be careful about not to fall into the same trap as those two did? Or maybe is it realistic to have two souls that can work together as one for a limited period of time and then fall apart and maybe, just maybe meet in another life circle or period of life. The complication that derives from a mutual child can be resolved up to some extent, however it remains complicated with new people arriving to their lives (new husbands, wifes, etc)

The cliché that the father falls for the babysitter is amusing, because I would imagine that a person from business perspective comes along - because he does spend a lot of time away from home. Another cliché of being in a sexual relationship with your ex - predictable and yet, inspiring, as it serves merely as a tool on the road to her independence.

The amazing thing about this movie are also the animations (metaphores for relationship), that are depicted while she's telling stories to her young daughter. Brilliant execution, I really enjoyed them.

As a strong competitive advantage to "usual" slovene movie, this piece is optimistic and strong. Normalwise we cannot extend our reach beyond classic depression and negativism, hopelessness in slovene movies. This piece has a downfall, dealing with the problem and optimistical conclusion. And this is how life really works - in sense that if you have a decision, you will find a way to deliver it.

My personal rate: 9,5 (a good and solid piece. If you have the chance, see it for sure!)

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