May 1, 2011

The Rite, 2011

The Rite, 2011
Director: Mikail Hafstrom
Cast: Anthony Hopkins, Colin O'Donoghue, Ciaran Hinds

Stage: Local theatre, an impulsive idea to watch something really late

The Rite in short: An American seminary student travels to Italy to take an exorcism course.

Preps: There isn't much of a selection in our theatres in this moment. At least not in what I would find interesting enough to see in the theatre. Hopkins again, makes my expectations high enough and sets some standards for me to see this. He doesn't make many mistakes in his picks of the movie..

Reality: I was told this is a commercial break for those that believe in god and allmighty magic. The Rome magic, I mean in this sense. Well, the ones that told me this, were absolutely right. I find a deep remorsement when watching this because it implies the only belief there should be possible - the one in god. As an atheist, I strive to find deeper philosophy and logic behind those ideas. It doesn't matter if it's an catholic, orthodox, any kind of religion. I just find the idea that only one religion is the true one, totally wrong and selfish. Or maybe challenging, not to be that harsh. I for myself and my own state of mind try to seek a crossing between all the things that are happening around the globe and are said to be divine (the miracles, Virgin Mary's appearing, Buddha appearing, miraculous curings,..), and all the logical things/science that serves an independent observer's mind. To be caught somewhere in the middle strikes me as more positive than belonging to just one religion. And in this sense, I find more answers and take more responsibility than placing it all to one god.

Aside from this point, the movie poses the existence of a devil and of course, on the other hand god. Exorcism course should be the one equipping young enthusiasts with weapon to defeat him/her, of course placed in picturesque Rome. The young priest is the voice of the viewer, and Hopkins is one interesting voice of belief, because in one breath he rejects all the divine (you need to believe in this) mumbo jumbo; in another, he's the true voice of christianity. The scenes with exorcism are really impressively put together, although for the reason stated above, they will leave all the atheists (or most of them) cold in their feet and soul.

So, all in all I find this movie to be truly a commercial issue speaking for the church and making a crowd at Sunday masses, rather than sound of reason, making true options what to solve (or what is to be solved). Are the people, that claim to be posessed, merely psychological cases - with a severe shizofrenia for instance? The movie doesn't pose an answer, just makes me question more.

My personal rating: 5,0 (for all the thinking post festum. Generally, I like movies to make me think about one or two points. Nevertheless, the execution in this perticular piece is not extremely well).

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