May 21, 2011

Just go with it, 2011

Just go with it, 2011
Director: Dennis Dugan
Cast: Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler

Stage: Home theatre

Preps: none in perticular, just know that young people are running to catch this one in the theatre, but in my opinion, it should be "to be watched at home" material

Just go with it in short: Danny (Adam Sandler) must engage Katherine (Jennifer Aniston), his faithful assistant, to pretend to be his soon to be ex-wife. Danny must pretend that he is married, because he lied to his dream girl, Palmer (Brooklyn Decker) the most gorgeous woman in the world. To keep the woman he loves, covering up one lie soon turns into many lies.

Reality: Yuk. A romantic story, indeed. Aniston, playing Sandler's "supposed to be ex-wife" joke, is terrible. Adam Sandler, last seen in a fairly good romantic piece long time ago (The Wedding Singer), is also lost in space in this one. I hate him from the start, lying his way through the storyline, making romance with a woman he is lying to, cheating on Aniston in another line. ..

Yuk again. The dialogue sucks, the idea that you can just lie your way out of everything is cheesy and not real, the stage is awful and I hate the jokes, because I don't find them funny or as jokes. Therefore, a solid delete after half an hour. I suggest you do the same or even better, don't watch it at all!

My personal rating: 0,0 (a disaster, skip it and run for your life. An embarassment in the main actor's biography, for sure)

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