Feb 28, 2010

Sin nombre, 2009

Sin nombre, 2009
Director: Cary Fukunaga
Cast:Christian Ferrer, Edgar Flores,

Sin Nombre in short: Honduran teenager Sayra reunites with her father, an opportunity for her to potentially realize her dream of a life in the U.S. Moving to Mexico is the first step in a fateful journey of unexpected events.

Stage: home cinema
Preps: I have been told the movie was superb. So it was on my to do list since last year (it has been a part of the movie festival in Ljubljana. One of the most perspective in the last year, they said. And a spanish one. Since I learn spanish, a challenge in any case.

Reality: a drama, kindly reminding all that are watching about the problems of migration in one country. Here, in perticular, moving to Mexico and further on to the promised land, USA. At least half of the crowd that is trying to migrate, dies when trying and the feelings when you watch this are truly sad, because you don't have to be a genious to realize this is nothing but the truth.

However, this is only one side of the plate in this movie. A paralel story about mob and gang politics is driving within this superbly chosen scenery in Honduras. When you are born, you are put into a district and every district has a gang. Either you are in and kill others (and rob, and do as you are told), or you are dead. Hell of a choice. Also will make you wonder and cherish the world you are living in. Because it is nothing democratical here, nothing someone would want for himself.

When I see this, I am glad that the world spot I live in, doesn't have this kind of decisions one would have to make. Makes me think about the power of one individual, excellent spectacle I see when the gang leader is shot to death and the gang is chasing the murderer, in this case a guy that kills for love and makes the viewer love him, instead of hating him as he would in normal world. Noone loves criminals. Bad girls love criminals. Here the criminal is perspected a good guy and there aren't bad girls. Just innocent and beautiful ones.

My personal rating: 8,0 (a small step for a human, if you live there, a good way of understanding this world for the one that sees that movie. Excellent photography, good story. Poor dialogues, but hard words that hurt the core).

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