Feb 14, 2010

How to lose a guy in 10 days, 2003

How to lose a guy in 10 days, 2003
Director:Donald Petrie
Cast: Kate Hudson, Matthew McConnaughey

Tag line:
One of them is lying. So is the other.

Genre: Romantic comedy
Stage: My home theatre

Preps: I think I saw this one for the second time in a row. I took the liberty of watching it as the prime Saturday selection on the local TV. I thought I might have different feelings as I had when it arrived at the cinemas. There are several similar movies happening in the last few years, more on the mistakes women or men do when trying to hook up with somebody. Usually a decent watch, especially if you're in a light movie mood. Several similars: The Ugly Truth, Burn Without Reading, He's just not that into you. Usually this genre is not well appreciated among male ranks, however, for women I believe it's in the veins to see something like this every now and then.

Reality: As cute as I remember. More than decent fun, the idea that drives those two together is splendid. How much shit can one man take and not dump her (while making his carreer with this happen) and how many more weird and really funny ideas can she have while making sure he kicks her out of his life as the next thing following. Some superb ideas, should you need them. Some serious suggestions what not to do (and for some women it could be a real surprise).
For me, I adore the idea of the teddy bears and joint plant. Until you see it on big screen, you cannot know (from woman's perspective), how weird it must look to a guy.

The ending is typical american, so no surprise there. But as I said, decent fun and some reality stuff also in there. Matthey McConnaughey is obviously married to such romantic stuff. In A Time to kill he plays a sort of serious attorney, yet he manages to pull it off as a romantic guy, so the spectator has to see him. Here's no difference. The performance of both is sort of charming and the women will melt their hearts and wait for romance.

My personal rate: 7.0 (for women, it will be extremely romantic and funny. The guys will live if they want to - no hard feelings there, but there are some general truths in this. For more clues see He's just not that into you, same genre, or The Ugly Truth).

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