Jul 23, 2011

The Hangover Part II

The hangover Part II
Director: Todd Phillips
Cast: Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms, Justin Barta

Stage: Theatre Colloseum, Ljubljana

The Hangover in short: Stu is getting married. Along with Doug, Phil, and his soon-to-be brother-in-law Teddy, he regretfully invites Alan to Thailand for the wedding. After a quiet night on the beach with a beer and toasting marshmallows by the camp fire, Stu, Alan and Phil wake up in a seedy apartment in Bangkok. Doug is back at the resort, but Teddy is missing, there's a monkey with a severed finger, Alan's head is shaved, Stu has a tattoo on his face, and they can't remember any of it. The wolf-pack retrace their steps through strip clubs, tattoo parlors and cocaine-dealing monkeys on the streets of Bangkok as they try and find Teddy before the wedding.

Preps: Seeing part I, I wasn't merely as impressed as at some of the other similar movies in genre. However, since I got a chance to see this one in the summer heat, let's go for it.

Reality: Somehow amusing. Not believable. You just cannot get into such trouble and get away with it. Getting drunk isn't the option this time. Getting wasted with some candies, this is the crucial part of the story. Upon getting drugged, the gang goes wandering around Bangkok making funny and crime-sensitive things, waking up with a big hangover in a misterious flat. Obviously, like in some other movies we know (Dude, where's my car, for instance..) - they are following the clues and their footsteps that are supposed to lead them to find the brother of the bride they seem to have lost somewhere along their wild night. As the term says, Bangkok is supposeably having a feast with a young boy; if you are swollen by Bangkok, you never return. In this case, they are running through the streets of the city, looking for the young man, being chased by some criminals, stealing and drugdealing with a monkey, meeting drug dealers in person, the Interpol, etc.

The story is very vivid and the director had one hell of an imagination. I surrender to the fact, that in some cases I find it extremely amusing. But nothing more than that. No fun really in seeing a monkey smoking. Or in thinking of having so much drug in the body you got a tatoo and don't even remember it.

The defilee of the movie (the last part, where the cast is named and you get to see the photos they took on that night, makes it up for half of the boring and sadly, not funny movie. The photos are hilarious, however the movie isn't. Obviously everything turns out fine and the marriage has its place like it's supposed to be. On the other hand, we get to hear Mike Tyson sing (which isn't really the explosion of the day, because he cannot bare a tune).

My personal rate: 3,0 (relatively funny in some points, very lame and dissappointing in others. Sequel per se.)

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