Jul 2, 2011

Hall Pass, 2011

Hall Pass, 2011
Director: Bobby Farrelly, Peter Farrelly
Cast: Owen Wilson, Christina Applegate, Jason Sudeikis

Stage: Home theatre

Hall Pass in short
:A couple of married guys are always looking at other women, treating their own wives like trash. Their wives are fed up with their behavior, and grant them a 'hall pass': a week off their marriage allowing them to do anything. But the guys take their time and their week is almost up. What they don't realize is that at the same time their wives make connections of their own.

Preps: One of the hot ones in the movies a while ago. Although it's the dead season for the movies, I still find a luring bate inside this one. What if maybe once I am wrong and this could be a good one afterall?

Reality: Nope. I am not wrong. This is again, one of the crooked comedies, and as my expectations rose high, they were stabbed and trembled down with the mere (again, used and abused) idea of giving your husband graciously a week off the marriage. Hm. Like we are in the kindergarten. Where is the sense of responsibility and how does the message of the movie comply to this?
In average, every normal person wants to get off the train every now and then. I believe this piece is a sort of attempt how to do it and what happens (the look behind the scenes). But guess what, it doesn't even pass the normal standard I would expect, or at least, it could have some more brains attached to the making of the movie, for instance the script, the mere definition of why he gets to do it and why does she comply with that? Is there some written rule that guys pay more in the marriage, in terms of pain and suffering, and therefore should be allowed to take a break? In some sense, what if you have children, you cannot just go around and decide to take a break. The mere idea breaks my nerves in two parts and makes me angry all the time, since I barely sense the red line in the movie or dare I say a message. What is the true message; he's gonna wander around, doing whatever he wants to do (from a sane point of view, we can all do whatever we want, it's the responsibility and conscious that are leaving us behind doing things we decided we wanted and act as adults. In this piece, you can see small children playing in a sand box. Wives getting an extra story and an extra connection? Oh, come on. No way I buy it. And it's a shitty version. Owen acts like a clown and Applegate as the tortured wife. No way a smart viewer should comply with that or just accept it. Hence, I erase this brainless piece of a movie. Don't recommend it, don't go there, don't even think about it. There is absolutely nothing about this movie you might like.

My personal rating: 0,0 (and no comment whatsoever).

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