Apr 11, 2011

No Strings Attached, 2011

No Strings Attached, 2011
Director: Ivan Reitman
Cast: Natalie Portman, Ashton Kutcher, Kevin Kline

No Strings in short: A guy and girl try to keep their relationship strictly physical, but it's not long before they learn that they want something more.

Stage: Home theatre, late Sunday night entertainment
Preps: Hm, lately I have become a huge fan of Portman's work and I am still curious what kind of roles Kutcher is capable of, because I need to see him also in something serious rather than a wide range of goofy comedies. Nevertheless, the perspective of this movie seems a comedy again, but let's see. Should be interesting and I am slightly aware of the plot/storyline.

Reality: Hm, a nice choice of a Sunday movie or to speak at least of the genre - romantic comedy. Portman is somehow lost at the beginning, but through the storyline and the script she holds to the arguments that she doesn't possess. I try to figure all the time she's on, what are the arguments for her decision - obviously she's the one, controlling the game and she's the one that needs to decide. Seems in this matter, Kutcher is not in the middle of deciding, he has already made up his mind - even at the very beginning of the movie, it's quite obvious.

The movie also has some delicious scenes and script candies - the scene at the beginning fills me with humour.

"I don't believe relationships are meant to last forever. I just don't."
"Oh..what a shame..Can I finger you?"

It's the mere perspective from two teenagers that drags me into this movie, filled with funny scenes and witty dialogues. And all in all, you buy the story and you buy the act between the two. Even though I wasn't convinced she could do a good comedy cast, she is good, Kutcher goes as we are used to him - in his friendly goofy style, the same way we are familiar for instance with Will Smith in those casts, and love him for that.

The idea of having a sex relationship and nothing more, is not really fresh (and as pointed out in some of the dialogues, he's living every guy's dream - according to his friends). That's argumentative, really. I don't suppose this is every guy's dream, even more, I don't buy that most of the people are dreaming about something like this. In my honest opinion I think this type of a relationship suits only to few, whereas most of people really want a steady, monogamous relationship. The movie poses an insight into a short term sexual relationship, where feelings pop out (nothing really unpredictable here) and you follow the main protagonists wondering whether it will be a happy ending or not. The funny part in all this, philosophically speaking, is, that the roles are slightly turned. She acts as most of guys probably would, and vice versa, he's the one that wants to cuddle and walk hands in hands, whereas she refuses any part of the relationship being serious. Now, the director could have chosen a less mushy (my idea of a cuddly or sugarly) ending, nevertheless, the movie has a soul and will get you in a romantic mood.

I always wonder in these sorts of movies - how come they always show doctors that are probably George Clooney clones - I mean all of the doctors shown in movies are usually dazzling, and so are female doctors. In real life I haven't seen a good looking doctor .. or have I - one in 200? But in movies all of them are witty, good looking, smart, etc. Ehm.. Hollywood perspective :)

My personal rating: 7,5 (a smartly put together piece, brought to life to sparkle a lovely Sunday evening. Perfect to watch at home and fun to have in mind even after the movie is long gone).

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