Aug 31, 2010

Blood Diamond, 2006

Blood Diamond, 2006
Director:Edward Zwick
Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Djimon Hounsou, Jennifer Connely

Blood Diamond in short: Set against the backdrop of civil war and chaos in 1990's Sierra Leone, Blood Diamond is the story of Danny Archer - an ex mercenary from Zimbabwe - and Solomon Vandy - a Mende fisherman. Both men are African, but their histories as different as any can be, until their fates become joined in a common quest to recover a rare pink diamond that can transform their lives. While in prison for smuggling, Archer learns that Solomon - who was taken from his family and forced to work in the diamond fields - has found and hidden the extraordinary rough stone. With the help of Maddy Bowen, an American journalist whose idealism is tempered by a deepening connection with Archer, the two men embark on a trek through rebel territory, a journey that could save Solomon's family and give Archer the second chance he thought he would never have.

Stage: Local theatre at the opening, twice at home, TV selection or DVD

Preps: At the opening none in perticular, another times no preps. The movie should be seen at least a few times :)

Reality: One of Zwick's masterpieces, the truthful and remarkable story that will crack your brains and make you think whether you really want to be one of the greedy EU citizen or rich people around the globe, chasing the small rocks. The main question or dilemma, how much a human life is worth or to look from the other perspective, how worthless the life is, when you want the crispy rocks that only mean something in the rich environment.

The movie is filled with emotions and energy, bad influence and the effect of greed. The sad story you follow with Djimon Hounsou or on the other hand, the different (also sad one) with DiCaprio makes your heart burst with tears and grief for the evil things happening to the people that didn't deserve it.

Another, quite political shock in seeing how children are being put against the wall and designed to shoot other children, or elder people, will pour hate in your veins - truly incredible to eat the idea that something like this can be happening, while we are mowing grass and drinking cocktails on the other side of the world. I honestly believe the movie will move something in your soul and make you want to do a good deed or at least never look at the bloody rocks again.

My personal rating: 9,5 (a strong remark or a statue of what liberty should really mean and what virtues one should nurture)

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