Jan 10, 2010

Old Dogs, 2009

Old Dogs, 2009, director Wall Becker.
Cast: John Travolta, Robin Williams.
Genre: Family, Comedy

Short synopsis: Two friends and business partners find their lives turned upside down when strange circumstances lead to them being placed in the care of 7-year-old twins

This is one piece now heating up our cinemas' seats in Slovenia. To be quite sincere, I expected a good performance least out of John Travolta. As he is getting older, the frequency of movies he sets his mind into, decreases, but in the same time, the performance increases. Or is this just the director that can bring out the best or the worst out of him? As for Robbie Williams, he's been more involved with drama/romances lately so I didn't expect anything really.

Theater: mine own at home

Because of the lack of the real theatre experience, my tolerance is indeed smaller and decreases by each moment of non-action or non-drive experience.

The movie is pretty much a disaster - judging by the first 19 minutes (which is what I gave to this piece - and if I judge correctly, only because of John Travolta. Seeing him in Pulp fiction was a good drive to watch him perform anything else worth seeing. Well, this one isn't.) A downfall from something that seems to be a story that could drive you through, but loses you in the first battle with japanese people, sitting at the restaurant and a business deal being made. Robin Williams makes a wreck out of himself in these first 19 minutes which is good enough that I stop watching and delete the movie. Not worth my time and disk space. And definitely not worth yours.

It's a shame because it wasn't the poor estimation rate that IMDB gave to this piece (4,9) that made me watch it. It was the cast. And it lacks everything it can lack. Unfortunately.

Maybe you could try it by yourself. It could mean a decent Sunday fun for someone. Definitely not for me.
My personal grade (scale 1-10): 1. (because I have the deepest respect for Travolta :)
Should you choose to see it - at your own risk. In your place I wouldn't bother.

p.s. IMDB peak: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0976238/

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