Jan 4, 2010


Is there an ultimate movie? The best of the best? The one, that rocks your brains and turns your nerves inside out? The one that makes you think even the day, the week after you have seen it about one small sequence that was in the movie and doesn't really click your clickers, or even worse, clicks them up to your spine? Should there be different categories and different movies that could fit the description?

I wonder what is it in so many different movies that burn my brain cells down to the bottom and make my imagination fly beyond the limits of unimaginable. I really need to see Kill Bill at least once a year. Both of them. And.. What is it in every Tarantino movie that every time I watch the same movie, I am seeing a new movie all over again? And why the urging need to see as much of european movies as possible, because they seem to wave the flag of maturity? How about scratching the film scenes to the bones and making you see a different perspective that might inspire you to see it once again?

The Movie Perspective dedicates its core to various movies in different categories. Lots of fun.. and a new spark of irony for each individual.

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