Mar 13, 2011

Yogi Bear, 2010

Yogi Bear, 2010
Director: Eric Brevig
Cast (voices): Dan Aykroyd, Justin Timberlake, Anna Faris

Stage: Home theatre, 3D version?

Yogi in short: Jellystone Park is celebrating its 100 anniversary, however it may be for the last time, because attendance is down and Mayor Brown wants to close the park and sell the land. If the park is closed, Yogi Bear and Boo Boo will lose their home. They join forces with Ranger Smith to save Jellystone from closing forever. Yogi must really prove in this endeavor that he is "smarter than the average bear".

Preps: Well, I have seen several of the cartoons regarding Yogi and loved them. How about a movie? Usually it wrecks what you had pictured for something like this. But let me get my surprise.

Reality: Well, Yogi is Yogi. Wherever he goes, he's the same. Even in the movie, that doesn't resemble cartoon even from a long distance. All the scenes with Yogi should remain in the movie. Most of them superb and genuine, some a bit weird. All the scenes without Yogi in this case are plain stupid.The director must believe that the viewers are really limited and without any sense of humour or sense for reality. The underestimation of the viewer is huge and I feel truly stupid at some moments for watching this piece of s...

All comes back when Yogi steps in the field. Yes, this is the true sense I had for this cartoon when being a child. The voices, the humour, so genuine. Why do these people need to be around? The storyline is predictable, all the effects are .. well, on the level 1 - the movie could have been done so much better. Did they have a thin budget to go along with most of the studio filming? Where was the music? And someone to knock over the actors every time they really exaggerated at some move or some scenes? I am on one side, dissappointed and as said, would put all the "human" scenes out, but I am absolutely crazy about Yogi and Bubu. If you are a fan of that cartoon, watch it, because you will love the couple and hate all the rest.

My personal rating: 4,0 (looking it from a child's perspective and neglecting the influence of stupidity shown in the way adults are supposed to react.. well, take this away and it can be edible. But nothing beyond that. Fans from Yogi will remain fans. But the fan pool will not increase because of this movie, maybe even shorten).

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