Mar 17, 2011

Guess Who, 2005

Guess Who, 2005
Director: Kevin Rodney Sullivan
Cast: Ashton Kutcher, Bernie Mac, Zoe Saldana

Stage: Home theatre, TV late selection

Guess who in short: Percy and Marilyn are renewing their vows for their anniversary, and their daughter Theresa brings her boyfriend Simon for them to meet. Unbeknownst to her parents, the kids plan to announce their engagement during the weekend. The Jones family is Black; Theresa neglects to tell them Simon is White. Race complicates Percy's general mistrust of any boyfriend, so he instigates an investigation of Simon, discovering he's recently lost his job and hasn't told Theresa. Mistrust rears its ugly head, and in the process of Theresa and Simon's argument, Marilyn and Percy fall out. What can the men do to cross the divide between each other and between men and women? Will anyone be exchanging vows?

Preps: Never seen this one, Ashton Kutcher can be heck of a player. Let's get us surprised

Reality: Well, Kutcher may be a strong cast in many movies, just not in this one, I can assure you. Here he's so average it makes me.. well, it leaves me cold, definitely. Tough guy on the outside, in the business world that freezes at her's parents. Yuk. So .. well, so american and predictable. The same way as all the other lame comedies, like the Fockers or any kind of movie that deals with a young spouse trying to impress partner's parents. I get it, you need to impress them. But for what price and at what limit. Sure you need to have a limit. And you cannot be a tough Naci in your business and a small puppy in your private.. or can you? I just think it's two so versatile poles that it cannot really happen up to this extention. In the movie, all the things that can go wrong with parent's intro to the young spouse, go wrong. And it's presented in such a disgusting, demolishing way. No way it can be real. I believe in many minutes this piece mocks the viewer and underestimates the intelligence of what you can see on screen, still being believable.

Let's think about this one as the decend Sunday afternoon piece, when you really have nothing in the world to do and all your friends are on vacation. Then, maybe, it might bring you a smile or two. It has some decent comedy in the dialogues. And some good music. However, some decent moments don't make a good movie.

My personal rating: 5,0
(could be somehow amusing, but you need to be keen on such comedies as the Fockers, mushy women comedies with romantic ends, will smith comedies. Could entertain you with some sparkles, but nothing really dazzling).

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