Jan 29, 2011

The Bachelor, 1999

The Bachelor, 1999
Director:Gary Sinyor
Cast: Renee Zellwegger, Chris O'Donnel, Artie Lange

The Bachelor in short:Jimmie is seeing his single friends get married one by one. He isn't too worried until his girlfriend Anne catches the bouquet at his friend Marco's wedding. Suddenly, his wild mustang days are numbered. He finally decides to propose to her, but he sticks his foot in his mouth and botches the proposal. Being insulted by the defeatist proposal, Anne leaves town on an assignment. After she's gone, he finds out that his recently-deceased grandfather's will stipulates that he gets nothing of a multi-million dollar fortune unless he's married by 6:05pm on his 30th birthday: tomorrow! Not being able to find Anne, Jimmie begins backtracking through his past girlfriends to find a wife.

Stage: Home TV selection

Preps: None in perticular, the first five minutes sparkle my interest..

Reality: Well, this is supposed to be an anti-marketing campaign with a theme marriage. Who gets married and why are the "studs" - obviously self called male persons, so fucked up, when they get married? In the movie, it's all about getting the least out of your life when you get married and tons of excuses why not to get married.
For me, the marriage institution is not as important as it may sound from my beginning. However, I despise movies that go so deep into this topic. For heaven's sake, if a guy doesn't want to get married, so what. I mean, you can either to decide to "only live with a girl" and the marriage stays only a paper for what I can see, or you can go and smell the grass on the other side for as long as you want. But making a movie about how depressive life gets when you get married.. well, come on. It's really below the standards and it puts off any desire left in those that really want to get married.

Every now and then, you pop into a movie that turns a serious topic into some sort of comedy wannabe. Well, this piece is a commedy wanna be. So the guys are supposed to be these stereotipes of mustangs, running free, until a dragon lady catches them. Well, give me a break. It really pulled my nerve. You poor creatures, you men. Well, in my opinion, the director made a completely fool out of himself with this piece, as most of these things are not so stereotypical as they might seem in this movie. Life is not really black and white. It's maybe in the US, that a life is measured through 1:0 standard (married : not married), but in my honest opinion, real life doesn't work this way.

My personal rating: 2,0 (for amusement sake, not for the content)
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